01924 Area Code

The area code 01924 belongs to a lovely city, Wakefield, located in England’s county of West Yorkshire. Surprisingly, the caller using the 01924 number does not necessarily need to be present in the Wakefield. Instead, they could use the Wakefield virtual number.

This article will help you explore some important information about the 01924 area code.

Part 1: Where Is the 01924 Area Code?

The 01924 area code covers Wakefield and its surrounding areas. Wakefield is situated in the county of West Yorkshire in the Yorkshire and the Humber Region of the UK. Wakefield is well connected by road to other Yorkshire towns and cities.

The most outstanding feature of the city is its cathedral, which has the highest spire in Yorkshire at 75 meters and can be seen for miles around.

This cathedral has earned Wakefield the title of ‘Cathedral City.’ By the River Calder, Chantry Chapel is one of the last four medieval churches in the UK.

Apart from Wakefield, the following areas are served by 01924 area code:

  • Batley
  • Bretton
  • Crofton
  • Dewsbury
  • Flockton
  • Heckmondwike
  • Horbury
  • Lofthouse Gate
  • Mirfield
  • Normanton
  • Sandal

Initially, the mnemonic dialing code for Wakefield was WA4. The mnemonic is formed using the initials of the Wakefield i.e. ‘W’ and ‘A’. These letters correspond to ‘9’ and ‘2’ in the rotary telephone. Hence, the code became ‘0924’.

Later, all UK area codes were changed as telephone networks grew to provide more consumers with telephone numbers. The area code of Wakefield was changed to ‘01924’.

Part 2: Dialling 01924 Area Code in the UK 

The dialing method for a 01924 number depends on where the caller is located. When a call is made to 01924 number from Wakefield, omit the area code. Only dial the six-digit local telephone number i.e. ’XXX XXX’.

As opposed to local call, area code is essential when dialing a 01924 number from any other city of the UK. Add the 01924 area code before the subscriber number i.e. ‘01924 XXX XXX’.

Part 3: Dialling 01924 Area Code from Abroad 

Each regional telephone number that operates in the UK adheres to the same dialing format. So, it’s not a daunting job to make an international call to Wakefield.

Simply, pick your phone up and start by entering the international access code ‘00’ or ‘+’. The next step is to dial the country code of the UK i.e. ‘44’. Then, enter the area code of Wakefield without the first zero i.e. ‘1924’. Lastly, put in the local Wakefield number of six digits.

Hence, the dialed number will appear like ‘00 44 1924 XXX XXX’ or ‘+44 1924 XXX XXX’. 

Many businesses that are based in some other city or country may prefer purchasing a local number of Wakefield through the virtual phone service. Through this, the businesses allow their Wakefield customers to dial their contact numbers just like standard 01924 numbers.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01924 Number

The telecommunication companies strive to offer the best packages to their customers. These packages are customized to cater to the needs of different customers. Landline operators and mobile companies offer feasible packages occasionally. 

Thankfully, the customers can enjoy special discounted rates and free inclusive minutes by choosing the right package.

Here are the approximated rates for calling a 01924 number:

Landline Calls (daytime) 10-12p/min
Landline Calls (on weekends or in the evening) 5-10p/min
Cell phone calls 30-50p/min


A Wakefield phone number can easily be identified by its area code ‘01924’. Nowadays, businesses prefer to attract local customers from different cities in the UK without giving an outsider impression.

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