01904 Area Code

Who is calling me from a 01904 number? Is this a scam number used by any business? Can I call a 01904 number? What is the format to dial the 01904 number?

If you have similar questions in mind, you have landed at the right place to get your answers.

Continue reading to learn all that you need to know about a 01904 number!

Part 1: Where Is the 01904 Area Code? 

The area code 01904 is a 4-digit regional dialing code for York. York is the capital of the county of Yorkshire, Northern England. The initial zero is the trunk code that is why 01904 is referred to as ‘4-digit’ code. The local phone numbers for the York city are 6 digits long.

Originally, the mnemonic dialing code for York was ‘YO4’. The mnemonic code takes the initials from the city name ‘York’. The letters ‘Y’ and ‘O’ correspond to ‘9’ and ‘0’ in the old rotary telephones. Hence, the code became 0904. 

Later a digit ‘1’ was added to all UK area codes when the day of the PhONE occurred. This event updated the York’s area code to 01904. 

Besides York, 01904 serves as the dialing code for the surrounding areas. These areas include the following:

  • Acomb
  • Appleton Roebuck
  • Beningbrough
  • Clifton
  • Dringhouses
  • Dunnington
  • Elvington
  • Escrick
  • Flaxton Moor
  • Haxby
  • Melrosegate
  • Rufforth
  • Stockton on the Forest
  • Strensall
  • Wheldrake

Part 2: Dialling 01904 Area Code in the UK 

The dialing of a 01904 number from within the UK does not entail any technical complexity. Even if you dial a virtual 01904 number, the dialing process remains identical.

It is because virtual numbers operate like standard landline numbers and it wouldn’t be a matter of concern to call them.

Here’s how to dial a 01904 number from within York:

  • Enter the six-digit number i.e. ‘XXX XXX’.

Here’s how to dial a 01904 number from another city within the UK:

  • Dial the area code.
  • Enter the subscriber number.
  • Your dialed number would look like ‘01904 XXX XXX’.

Part 3: Dialling 01904 Area Code from Abroad

01904 numbers can be dialed from any part of the world. However, you need to use the proper format and correct codes for dialing a York number from abroad.

Here’ how to dial a 01904 number from the outside UK:

  • Start with dialing the international access code i.e. ‘+’ or ‘00’.
  • Then, add the country code for the UK i.e. ‘44’.
  • Put the area code while truncating the first zero i.e. ‘1904’.
  • Now, enter the desired number i.e. XXX XXX.
  • Your dialed number would look like ‘+44 1904 XXX XXX’ or ‘00 44 1904 XXX XXX’.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01904 Number 

01904 numbers are neither mobile nor premium. Instead, the residential consumers in York use 01904 numbers. Therefore, the call charges are similar to those for other landline numbers in the UK. 

If you call from a York landline number during off-peak times, the cost is minimal. These hours are weekends or weekdays evenings. The charges for the call are only 5-10 p  per minute.

On the other hand, the cost of calling during peak times, i.e. weekdays mornings, is slightly increased. The charges for the call are 10-12 p per minute. 

Besides, there is a nominal call connection fee for landlines. That being said, most of the service providers extend call packages that offer free minutes of call or discounted rates at certain times.


To sum up, the 01904 area code belongs to York and is nearby. It’s a landline number and the expense of calling the number to York is very low.

Fortunately,  you can get a comparatively cheap 01904 virtual number from cNumber for your business with great ease. Whatever your real geographical position, your customers would think you are located in York which makes them feel comfortable.