01792 Area Code

Who is calling me from a 01792 number? How can I call back a 01792 number? What are the charges for calling this number? 

Are you bothered by any of these questions? If yes, your worries are gone. 

This article will answer all your queries. You’ll learn where the 01792 area code is, how to dial it, and what the call charges are. 

Part 1: Where Is the 01792 Area Code? 

The 01792 area code belongs to Swansea, Wales. It is Wales’s second-largest city and the UK’s twenty-fifth-largest city. Swansea was once the largest center for smelting copper that gained it a nickname ‘Copperopolis.’

Besides Swansea, the following areas use 01792 dialing code:

  • Bishopston
  • Clydach
  • Gorseinon
  • Gower
  • Gowerton
  • Llangennith
  • Loughor
  • Mayals
  • Morriston
  • Mumbles
  • Penclawdd
  • Pontardawe
  • Pontarddulais
  • Ravenhill
  • Sketty
  • Skewen
  • Swansea

Historically, the mnemonic code for the Swansea city was SW2. The letters ‘S’ and ‘W’ in the mnemonic are the two initials from the name ‘Swansea’.These characters correspond to 7 and 9 on the old rotary phone. Thus, the area code became 0792.

Later on, in 1995, the ‘Ofcom’ company was assigned the task of improving the overall telephonic infrastructure of the areas. Ofcom introduced an additional ‘1’ in all area codes of the UK to accommodate more telephone users.

As a result, the area code of Swansea updated to 01792.

Part 2: Dialling 01792 Area Code in the UK and from Abroad

Here’s how to dial a 01792 number without any hassle.

Dialing from Swansea

If you are dialing a 01792 number from Swansea or the surrounding area, do not use the dialing code. Enter the six-digit number directly i.e. XXX XXX.

Dialing from another city in the UK

You need to use the dialing code 01792 when you are calling from another city in the UK. Your dialed number would look like 01792 XXX XXX.

Dialing from Abroad

Dialing a Swansea number from outside the UK requires international country code before the number. You can make a call to 01792 number from anywhere in the world by:

  • Dial international access code i.e. ‘+’ or ’00’.
  • Enter the dialing code for UK i.e. 44.
  • Drop the initial zero from Swansea area code i.e. 1792.
  • Enter the subscriber number.
  • Your dialed number would look like +44 1792 XXX XXX or 00 44 1792 XXX XXX.

Part 3: The Cost of Calling an 01792 Number 

The cost of calling a 01792 number depends on various factors. 

A call will be charged only 5 – 10 p per minute if it is made during off-peak times. On the other hand, the cost increases to 10 – 12 p per minute during peak times. Moreover, there is an additional setup fee which is charged when the call is connected.

Similarly, the charges for calling a landline Swansea number from mobile phones are higher. On average, a mobile call will cost 30 – 50 p per minute.

Fortunately, there are several landlines and telecom service providers in the market. These providers offer customized packages, free call minutes, and special rates which make calling cheaper.


This article explained the complete details of the 01792 Swansea area code. 

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