01772 Area Code

With the 01772 area code, you will be able to receive calls on your mobile and landline connection in Preston. Mostly, they are used by businesses to explore new marketing opportunities in the local area. They can even use this number from outside of Preston. 

So, if you have any kind of business related to the Preston area, this article will help you understand everything about the 01772 dialing code. 

Let’s begin with the locations of the codes. 

Part 1: Where Is 01772 Area Code?

The dialing code 01772 is mostly used in Preston and its suburbs for telecom purposes. It is then followed by a 6 digits local number. Although 01772 numbers are used in Preston, the following areas also work in these numbers: 

  • Longridge
  • Ashton-on-Ribble
  • Freckleton
  • Bamber Bridge
  • Leyland
  • Broughton
  • Buckshaw Village
  • Catforth
  • Penwortham
  • Wesham
  • Croston
  • Hesketh Bank
  • Ribbleton
  • Fulwood
  • Kirkham
  • Samlesbury
  • Longton

How did this number come into use in Preston? 

Previously, the Preston dialing code was 0774 and after a few years, it was changed to 0772.

However, another modification was done during the PhONEday event. The addition of digit ‘1’ between the trunk prefix 0 and the previous area code was done to dial the old one’s solution. 

The code was altered to arrange a new supply of phone numbers for the increasing demand for new phone number subscribers. The new code is used to date and is mandatory to dial

Part 2: Dialling 01772 Area Code within the UK

If you are calling someone from a landline or mobile connection outside of Preston, you need to dial the 01772 area code of the UK. Hence, enter the area code followed by 6 digits of phone number 01772 XXX XXX. 

But, when the call is made within the same local area code from your landline connection, dial the phone number. Your phone number format will look like XXX XXX. 

However, many businesses use std code 01772 from outside of Preston or its suburbs i.e. without being present there physically. They do so to increase their local presence and promote their business. 

Part 3: Dialling 01772 Area Code Outside of the UK

Yes, you can connect with someone in Preston from outside of the UK using any phone. Nevertheless, your usual phone number will not work. You need to make it an international dial-in number. Add a few codes here and thereby following the below steps: 

  1. Enter the international dial-in code of your country (generally 00, 0011, 011) 
  2. Next, dial the UK dialing code (44)
  3. Enter the Preston area code without the zero (1772)
  4. Finally, dial the local phone number of the person you are calling
  5. Your final phone number will appear something like 00 44 1772 XXX XXX

Part 4: How Much Do 01772 Numbers Cost to Call?

The cost of calling the Preston phone code is similar to the other area code like 01 or 02 of the UK. Yet, the call cost varies from different network providers and your call timing. So, you can contact your network provider to know the exact charges. 

Furthermore, the charge can go up to 10p per minute for landline users. But, the cost ranges between 10p and 40p per minute in the mobile network. The factors that affect the rate of calling are the call duration, the time of calling, call package, and others. 

If this is expensive for you, use a bundle pack or free inclusive minutes deal available for both mobile and landline networks. It will make your calls cheap with just free minutes from deducting off the pack. 


Hopefully, this article cleared all your questions related to the 01772 area code. Now you know where and how to use this dialing code number. So, if you are living in Preston or have any business there, this number is something you certainly need. 

Further, to purchase this number at an affordable price and better functionality, you can contact cNumber. You can also get in touch with the customer executive if you have any queries related to the 01772 area code or England dial code.