Calling 0800 Numbers From Abroad

The 0800 numbers have been used by all types of organizations to encourage the customers to call and portray an image of a national presence. Apart from businesses, these numbers are utilized by charitable trusts, government agencies, radio stations, and television networks.

As 0800 numbers are popular even across the borders so many people might call these numbers from outside the UK. So, these organizations can set up local, regional, and international numbers.

This means 0800 numbers are a great option to build trust with your customers.

Let’s put more clarity on the question:

Part 1: Can I Call 0800 Numbers From Abroad?

Yes, you can make calls to 0800 numbers even from outside the UK. But, these calls will no longer be freephone calls and will incur charges as per international rates, depending on the place you are calling from.

It is imperative to keep a note on the way you place your call as with the varied location abroad, you need to call differently to 0800 numbers. For instance, if you are calling 0800 numbers from within the UK, simply dial 0800 XXX XXXX.

However, when you are calling from another country (except Canada and the US), you need to dial 00 44 800 XXX XXXX. Here, the UK country code “44” is added, and also “0” preceding “800” has been removed.

When you call from Canada or the US, you need to dial 011 44 800 XXX XXXX. Here, “011” has replaced “00” and also “0” preceding “800” has been removed. Now you know that you can certainly make a call and also how to dial 0800 numbers outside the UK.

Let’s learn about their cost structure too.

Part 2: What Is the Cost of Calling 0800 Numbers Inside the UK?

Whether you are calling from a landline, mobile phones or payphones, you can call 0800 numbers for free within the UK. These numbers come under “freephone”.

For instance, the customers don’t pay for the calls instead the organization receiving the call is supposed to pay the charges. You can find 0800 numbers as a freephone number from almost every network like Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, BT, Tesco, and O2.

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Part 3: What Is the Cost of Calling 0800 Numbers Outside the UK?

As you know these numbers are free to call within the UK but you need to pay international charges when calling from abroad. These charges vary from place to place. It will depend on the country you are calling from.

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Wrapping Up

The 0800 numbers are reserved for callers within the UK but you can dial these numbers from outside the UK too. However, make sure you call only for very important things as you need to pay international charges for every call you make.

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