What Are 0330 Numbers?

Are you looking for what 0330 numbers cost when calling? You will get to know about the standard call rates for 0330 numbers from mobile, and various rates offered by different network providers. You can get your own 0330 number instantly.

Part 1: What Are 0330 Numbers?

Any number starting with 0330 is declared a special landline phone number, which many organizations and businesses use. 

The 0330 numbers are non-geographic numbers of the UK which means that they have a national presence and are not restricted to a physical location.

Ofcom introduced 0330 numbers in 2007 since then they have seen a rise in their use especially in recent years. 

The 0330 numbers are growing favorites among the numbers that organizations and companies prefer for businesses. They serve as a cheap alternative to 08 numbers.

The reason for the high inclination of organizations towards 0330 numbers is two-fold.

One being non-geographic in nature that allows the organizations to use one number for various locations. Even on the relocation of their offices, the same number can be used as primary contact mean.

The second reason for organizations and businesses liking the 0330 numbers the most is the affordable call charges. 

These numbers are charged at the same rate as the other local numbers with prefixes 01 and 02. This makes it easy for customers to approach the organizations.

The 0330 numbers have two categories. The 0330 numbers that the government and the Public sector, and the registered charities use specifically. And those 0330 numbers that independent companies prefer to use.

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0330 Numbers from Mobile

The call rates for 0330 numbers issued depend on the network provider, every network provider offers different call charges. However, if someone has free minutes in their contract, these minutes are included. As a result, they can make calls to 0330 numbers free of cost.

With the various rates of network providers, still, the 0330 call charges remain in an affordable range for customers. The standard charges of these numbers are the same as that of the local numbers with prefixes 01 and 02.

The average range of 0330 numbers cost of calling from mobile extends from 3p per minute to 30p per minute. Of course this depends on the network provider. With these costs, the providers also offer free minutes included in the contract.

The table which is shown next lists the various network providers that offer 0330 numbers at various costs. The call charges are mentioned against each provider, from mobile. Note that all of these providers offer their users free minutes.

Network Provider Costs per minute Inside Contracted landline minutes allowance
Vodafone 30 pence Free
EE 30 pence Free
Three Mobile 3 pence Free
Lyca Mobile 15 pence Free
Virgin Mobile 26 pence Free
ASDA Mobile 8 pence Free
Lebara Mobile 19 pence Free
Tesco Mobile 25 pence Free
O2 35 pence Free
Delight Mobile 3 pence Free
GiffGaff 10 pence Free


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Part 3: Cost of Calling from Landline

Like the free minutes’ allowance with mobile calls, the 0330 business numbers also accommodates users who prefer using a landline.

This is how it is done with 0330 numbers. If the user’s landline tariff includes calls to landline numbers or has a quota for free minutes, these numbers are included in it. This allows the users to call the 0330 numbers without any extra charge.

Although 0330 numbers appear to serve as a cheaper alternative to 0800 numbers, they are not quite the same. The free minutes’ inclusion of 0330 numbers makes them appear as a free phone number.

The table summarized next lists the 0330 numbers call costs from landlines that are offered at famous providers. Note that these costs are those that providers charge at the peak hours of the day.

Network Provider Approximated Charges at Peak Hours
TalkTalk 13.5 pence per minute
Sky 9.5 pence per minute
Virgin Media 12 pence per minute
BT 12 pence per minute + 21 pence for setup charges


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Part 4: Are 0330 Numbers Free to Call from Outside of the UK?

The answer to the question that “are 0330 numbers free to call from outside of the UK?” depends on the network provider. However, it is definitely no to completely free calls. This is because international calls incur additional charges.

Phone packages or contracts that have some minutes included at domestic rate phone numbers have 0330 numbers included. In absence of these packages one can expect to pay around 9p to 55p per minute from within the country. 

However, talking about international calls is a whole different scenario. Calling from abroad brings with it additional charges, also including the international roaming charges. These charges depend on the network provider that you use and vary from one company to another.

It is a suggestion that you research the call charges offered by the providers for international calls before choosing one. You can get information through contacting them or visiting the FAQ section of their websites.

Knowing your tariff is important in order to save yourself from paying more than expected for a call. This is because some companies tend to hike the rates for international calls.

Someone intending to make frequent calls from outside of the UK shall prefer investing in a roaming package. 

This can be done for the calls from their mobile phone or some international calling card. By doing this, they can avail cheaper methods for calling internationally to the UK.

Having good international rates from network provider can result in 0330 numbers as the best option for you. You can get a 0330 number of your choice at cNumber right away.

Wrapping UP

Knowing about what 0330 numbers cost to call, you can decide for getting a 0330 number for yourself. You can do it instantly and also get to avail great services offered by cNumber. It is suggested not to wait!