How Much Does It Cost to Call 0333 Numbers on BT?

We often think twice before trusting an unknown number as it could be a fraud or scam. But, this is not the case with 0333 numbers as they are mainly used by big corporates, government organizations, and charitable institutions.

Therefore, they are quite credible and reliable. However, they favor these numbers due to its special feature of being non-geographic. Moreover, whether we are considering 0333 numbers cost from BT, these numbers are charged at usual rates.

Let’s put some light on these usual rates of 0333 numbers by taping to some commonly asked questions.

Part 1: Are 0333 Numbers Free on BT?

It is usual to think of 0333 numbers as toll-free because they are preferred by large corporations and government institutions. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. BT allows these numbers to be charged the same as 01 and 02 numbers. It is similar to calling your home or business landline.

However, if you have any monthly free call bundle pack on your BT network, these numbers are included in it. If you make a call, only your free minutes will be used without deducting any hidden charges.

You can use bundle packs of BT like Unlimited Anytime Calls, Unlimited Evening & Weekend Calls, or Unlimited Weekend Calls. As per your package norms, the time which is not included in it, you will be charged the usual rates.

Let’s look into what exact 0333 numbers cost on BT.

Part 2: What Is the Cost of Calling 0333 Numbers on BT?

As you read above, you can use your free minutes from any of your BT bundle pack to call 0333 numbers. But, if you don’t have any such deal, the charges will be deducted from your prepaid BT balance or added to your postpaid bill.

Whether you are considering 0333 numbers cost from BT landline or mobile, the cost depends on the number you are calling. However, the cost will be between 3p and 35p.

Read the below table to understand 0333 numbers call rates on the BT network in detail:


BT call rates for 0333 Numbers Charges applied
BT Basic’ call plan 11.3p per minute plus a 3.3p setup fee
BT mobile plan 35p per minute
For bundle pack users minutes used from the package and after that usual rates

Wrapping Up

Being one of the best network providers in the UK, you can trust BT to give a fair deal for calling 0333 numbers. However, knowing the rates beforehand will make you aware of your expected bills and you don’t end up having a hefty amount.

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