How Much Does It Cost to Call 0870 Numbers on O2?

O2, as of 2020, is the biggest mobile network in the UK with over a whopping 34 million customers all over the UK, and counting. If you are one of the 34 million and you have stumbled upon a 0870 hotline, you might be wondering about the call charges.

Are 0870 numbers free on O2? What would it cost me to call an 0870 number from my prepaid O2 plan? Can I call a 0870 number for free on O2? If you are looking for an answer to any of these questions, this article will help you out!

In this article, we are going to find out if it is free to call any 0870 number from O2, discuss the breakdown of call charges that are applied when a call is made to the 0870 number, and take a look at the workarounds to pay less for calling on 0870 numbers.

Part 1: Are 0870 Numbers Free on O2?

No, these numbers are not free to call from O2 mobile networks. 0870 numbers are business-rate service numbers that would cost money to dial regardless of the O2 package you are on since you can not use your inclusive minutes to call.

These numbers are doubly charged. The costs of calling 0870 numbers are contingent on two types of different costs that are levied separately as one.

Access Charges

  • The first cost is the base cost of accessing these numbers. These are flat-rate charges that are put into place by the O2 company. These rates are usually paralleled in value by normal landline rates. They vary between 13p per to almost 65p per minute.
  • These numbers have a baseline cost of 7p set by the Phone-paid services authority authority, which is the main authority that oversees the service charges and other issues related to the usage of 0870 numbers.

Service Charges

  • These are the extra charges that make 0870 numbers attractive for the general business. It’s the additional charge imposed by the service providers.
  • They are dependent on the rate set by the owner of the number in order to generate revenue. It can cost from 13p per minute for the call, 13p for the whole call or both types of rates applied simultaneously.

It is evident that the costs of calling the 0870 numbers from O2 will cost more than the average costs of calling local landline and mobile network numbers.

To facilitate its customers, O2 announces special packages at different occasions that offer a reduced cost or no cost at all for calling on the numbers beginning with 0870 number code.

These packages are of commercial nature and are basically put in place to facilitate the consumers that frequently deal with these numbers.

Part 2: Cost of calling 0870 numbers on O2

The costs of calling these numbers from the O2 mobile network depending on various factors.

First and foremost, the total charge of the call will depend on the charges put into place by the owner of the number. Secondly, the costs incurred on these calls depend upon the packages that you may have subscribed to.

Go Customers pay a whopping amount of 45 pence in excess, in addition to the basic charge of 13 to 21 pence per minute as well. The least charge that could be imposed on the customer of O2 to call these numbers, is, therefore, 58pence per minute.

Pay Monthly customers are paying an alarmingly high cost of about 68 pence per minute for these calls.  The cost of calling these numbers can still be a hassle even if you fully know the charges. Therefore, it’s advisable for consumers to look for alternative numbers and methods.

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Part 3: How to Pay Less from O2?

We know that 0870 numbers are used by businesses to generate revenue so there’s no way of calling that number freely. However, here are a few workarounds that would help you pay less from the O2 mobile network:

  • Subscribe to a suitable O2 package customized for calling 0870 numbers.
  • Look for 0800 or 0808 of that business.
  • Look for Live Chat support through the web. O2 has some good internet tariffs for you.

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have addressed a frequently asked question by the O2 customers. We answered the queries about the charges imposed on calls made to 0870 numbers from O2.

The consumers have to pay a higher price for calling on these hotline numbers as compared to regular numbers. However, O2 occasionally offers call packages to make it economical and affordable for its customers to call 0870 numbers.