What Are 0843 Numbers?

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With 0843 number you can earn a share of income from calls that you receive. Many organizations are using the 0843 extensions for technical support and client services.

This article will describe the 0843 number as well as provide the essential information about 0843 such as the use of 0843 number, benefits of 0843 number, cost to call 0843 number, and more. 

Part 1: What Are 0843 Numbers?

0843 numbers are known as non-geographic numbers. Normally, these numbers are used to achieve national presence and these numbers are not restricted to a specific area. 

The 0843 dialing code is a pro assistance code and this code is not connected to any geological district in the UK. However, the charges to call 0843 numbers are very high.

Various organizations have eliminated the utilization of the 0843 telephone number for their main telephone number.

It is presently illegal to utilize this sort of telephone number for post-sales client support lines. In any case, a few associations still utilize these service charge numbers.  They work close by your current landline or cell phone number.

Part 2: Who Uses 0843 Numbers? 

These numbers are used by travel and ticket booking service providers, conference calls dial-in service providers, pre-sale customer service providers.

0843 numbers are not an area code. The complete expense along these lines ranges from around 15 to 57 pence/ min.

0843 numbers are used by people to:

  • Get 2p/m revenue share
  • Maintain UK presence no matter where they are located
  • Remove additional divert charge for UK landlines

0843 is offering all the same advantages as the other non-geographic extents. 0843 numbers have the additional incentive of offering a potential income to the recipient of the call.

Part 3: What Are the Benefits of Using 0843 Numbers?

Show a national presence that permits you to extend your showcasing and pull in clients from further away from home.

  • No compelling reason to refresh your phone details when you move or take on extra premises
  • Simple to re-focus on an alternative mobile or landline.
  • Earn income from your incoming calls when focused to a UK landline or get unlimited incoming calls on your UK mobile for nothing.
  • A critical telephone number can be progressively attractive for potential clients to call.
  • Give your business value, giving your clients the certainty to call.
  • You can easily deal with your inbound calls to suit your business requirements with our scope of optional number solutions.

Part 4: FAQs

4.1 What area code is 0843?

The 0843 number is a specialist service code. This code is not connected to any geological district in the UK. The cost of this number is high compared to normal landline phone numbers.

4.2 Are calls to 0843 numbers free?

No, Calls to 0843 numbers are not free. The telephone number beginning with 0843 is charged at high rates. Basically, the costs of calling 0843 are higher than the charge of calling a normal landing number.

However, the charge of calling 0843 number includes extra service changes. 

4.3 Is 0843 number free on O2?

No, The access charge is determined by O2. 0843 numbers are normal service numbers for companies. These are not included in purchased minutes.  

4.4 How much does it cost to call 0843 number?

This includes additional service charges during the call. Suppose if you are calling on this number then you need to pay extra money for a call and you also need to pay extra for service charges.

The extra charge is provided to the telephone organization. In addition, the extra charge for this number can be 55p/min. And service charge can be 7p/min. 

Consequently, many reputed organizations are avoiding the uses of  0843 numbers because the charge of this number is very high.  

4.5 Can I block all 0843 numbers?

No, you can’t block all 0843 numbers. You have to block every 0843 number individually. Some apps will permit you to set up protocol. For instance, you could block all numbers beginning with 020, 0843, etc.  

Wrapping Up

In a word, calls to 0843 telephone numbers are charged at a double rate, which implies callers pay extra money for calls and callers also pay extra for service charges.

However, many organizations have now eliminated the utilization of the 0843 telephone number due to its extra service charges.

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