How Much Do 0345 Numbers Cost to Call on O2?

O2 is one of the famous telephone network companies situated in the UK, delivering outstanding services at an affordable price.

The number 0345 is widespread across the UK with millions of happy customers and a common question relates to the rates on calling using O2.

There are several ways to associate 0345 numbers with O2 and some of these methods are- via Pay-As-You-Go, Sim-only, and contract-basis. While some of other network service providers cost high, O2 gives various exciting offers to its customers.

With several queries popping out, users might face this crucial question-“How much do 0345 numbers cost O2?”

Part 1: Is it Free to Call 0345 Numbers on O2?

Most of the plans associated with dialing O2 include standard charges and even calling 0345 numbers follows the same trend. So, does 0345 cost O2 or do they provide free services to their customers?

So, O2 users might wonder whether there are any conditions for calling free on 0345. With several O2 plans with less cost, network service provider O2 charges its users in only standard local rates.

Though, there are two ways where users might be entitled to call 0345 absolutely free of cost. Firstly, if you are on a contract with O2 and your number 0345 is in an inclusive price plan, then you can avail the opportunity to call 0345 numbers freely.

Secondly, if you have O2 Pay-As-You-Go calls with number 0345 and have a new inclusive price plan, then also you are entitled to avail all the free calling opportunities from O2.

There might be some special festive occasions where O2 might give some exciting offers to their customers for calling 0345 which may include free services.

Users must note that the O2 services with inclusive price plans are without any cost incurred, and O2 Company does not charge any customer.

Part 2: How Much Do 0345 Numbers Cost to Call on O2?

O2 provides services for calling 0345 Numbers as per their per-minute rate along with the connection charge. 0345 numbers are valid nationally as their helpline numbers which generally include sales, donations, customer services support, and general enquiries.

As they replaced the expensive 0845 numbers, 0345 numbers generally cost nominal and users can quickly pay for O2 0345 numbers and avail their hassle-free services.

Keeping these valuable points in mind, O2 provides packs for calling 0345 numbers from either landlines or by mobiles.

Through O2, one can easily dial 0345 numbers via mobiles which generally costs up to only 9 pence per minute. While these are the O2 cell phone rates, calling 0345 numbers via telephone is also cheap and usually hovers around 3 pence to 55 pence per minutes.

The scenario is quite favourable for marketing and customer service sectors as calling 0345 numbers O2 via phone costs as per inclusive minutes for both Sim-only deals as well as contract. Also, O2 hardly charges 30 pence per minute for all the Pay-As-You-Go.

The thing to note for O2 contract users is that once their monthly plans are over, then the O2 Company charges around 35 pence per minute.

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Part 3: What Is the Cost of Calling 0345 Numbers from Abroad on O2?

When you decide to call 0345 numbers from Abroad, then generally two cases arise, i.e. you might need to dial without 0. The situation for calling 0345 from abroad might not be favorable for other network service providers, but it is relatively easy in the case of O2.

03 numbers were specially designed for making phone calls to non-geographical numbers; it generally depicts that a user wants to dial a UK number.

As 0345 proved to be relatively cheaper than other network service providers, with O2, it provides some exciting offers. As 0345 is a UK-wide number, therefore, calling the number for O2 users is feasible and quite comfortable.

The cost of calling 0345 numbers from abroad on O2 is simple and easy. Furthermore, the plan rates for both O2 mobile as well as O2 landlines hover around the same as the standard rates.

The best part is that 0345 numbers do not lead to any unnecessary additional charges even if you choose to call via mobile phones or landline. For landline numbers, the services remain free typically during the evening as well as weekends.

As far O2 rates for calling 0345 are concerned, they cost around 9 pence per minute from landlines and hovers approximately 3 pence to 55 pence per minute from a mobile. O2 rates might fluctuate from region-to-region depending upon the O2 plans for that region.

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Wrapping Up

With several numbers in the market, 0345 numbers are undoubtedly the most reliable of them in terms of its costs and its availability. By now, users might have got an idea of whether 0345 numbers cost O2.

Services and plans provided by O2 for 0345 numbers are relatively cheap, and that is why there are huge demands for these numbers for business purposes such as marketing as well as customer services.

Customers must have an idea about the O2 plans for 0345 numbers so that they can decide whether to purchase O2 plans or not. With the above exciting plans for 0345 numbers, one must not hesitate to buy an O2 plan as they are quite useful.