How to Divert Calls from Landline to Mobile?

If you are an entrepreneur then it is very important to answer every call. Every unanswered or missed call can reduce your business’s reputation and value. 

If you are looking for call forwarding solutions, then don’t worry we will guide you to divert calls. The call transferring provides you maximum control and increases your value.  It will assist you to save customers and increase your sales.

This article will explain how to divert calls from landline to mobile and the advantages of call forwarding from landline to mobile.

Part 1- How to Divert Calls from Landline to Mobile?

Having a neighborhood or national landline number goes far in introducing your business available to your clients. It’s consoling to realize somebody is accessible if there’s an inquiry or grievance that should be taken care of. 

Commonly you needn’t bother with a devoted landline, particularly in case you’re a sole broker or a beginning up. As a general rule, you simply need to advance landline calls to your mobile.

Call diverting is easy to set up on landline telephones. With the following steps you can divert phone calls easily:

  1. To start with, get the handset, so you hear a dial tone.
  2. Enter the numbers ’21’, trailed by the portable number to which you need calls to be sent. At that point, press the ‘#’ (or hash) key. 
  3. You ought to hear the declaration: “service initiated’. This implies call sending is currently set up. 

The above advances may shift contingent upon the phone supplier for your landline. It would be ideal if you likewise note that extra expenses may apply for redirecting calls to your versatile.

Part 2- What Are the Benefits of Diverting Your Calls?

As an entrepreneur, it’s vital that you monitor every one of your calls. It is important for doing business and to keep up a decent degree of client care. 

A business telephone number is the only device that connects your customer with you. In case, if you are not available in the office and unable to client’s answer, then you can lose your sale or deal with your client. This is not good for your business so call forwarding is the best solution to save deals for your business.  

One of the main advantages of the call forwarding landline to mobile is that it makes key personnel available even when you are out of your office.  Another advantage of redirect landline to mobile is that it sends all calls to the destination number on the first ring.  

With call diverting services, you can keep up that demonstrable skill — you should simply pick which number ought to get the approaching calls. There are certain benefits of using call divert services:

  1. Call diverting builds staff accessibility:

Prior to cell phones, if somebody wasn’t in the workplace, odds are you would get their voice message. This could prompt long rounds of “voice message tag”. However, this might lead to missing one or other messages. 

Virtual replying mail agents can send calls to a worker’s cell phone or home telephone so the customer can get the assistance they require continuously. 

It’s increasingly helpful for the client, and it permits your staff individuals to keep up accessibility in any event, when they aren’t genuinely sitting at their work areas. 

2. Call diverting makes it simple for representatives to travel: 

In a few businesses, the work essentially can’t complete sitting in a desk area. Sales reps need to visit their possibilities on location. 

Real estate professionals will undoubtedly be before customers demonstrating on the site. Rather, than sitting at their work territory keeping things under control, and waiting for a call.

The equivalent goes for the development business and a lot more fields. With call diverting, you don’t need to pick between great client assistance and portability. Workers are allowed to make a trip where they have to go, and their significant calls will follow. 

3. Call diverting grows your organization’s essence: 

Call diverting doesn’t simply need to be from your principal office number to a worker PDA. You can likewise utilize call diverting service to expand your apparent nearness and make things progressively helpful for your guests. 

If you have one home office. However, if working together provincially. You can easily set up various nearby numbers that are sent to your primary line. 

Customers in the following district or state don’t need to make a significant distance call – they can essentially call the number in their own region code and the call can be fixed through.

Part 3- Why Divert Calls to a Professional Telephone Answering Service?

Professional telephone answering service guarantees that your clients and customers can contact you easily. 

Occupying your calls to a replying mail. For example, we at cNumber, can change your landline into a virtual office that permits you to: 

  1. Pick a totally new telephone number, based either in the UK or a universal nation.
  2. Hold your old telephone number, on the off chance that you pick while profiting by the cNumber set-up of services.
  3. Occupy every single approaching call to your preferred cell phone.
  4. Decipher phone messages into clear content, for straightforwardness and comfort.
  5. Have a specially designed, expertly recorded invite message. 

Recorded in a studio by a voice-over on-screen character. This message remarkably customized to your organization’s needs. It will be played while the call is redirected to the correct individual.


Is it accurate to say that you are hoping to redirect your calls from landline to mobile? As these are brisk, simple, and powerful? 

cNumber can divert or forward your calls all day, every day, or 365 days per year. Our virtual office executives’ framework can divert calls to numerous people or divisions. It means you can convey the best services by placing clients in contact with the individual that can help.  

Work together from anyplace, on the planet without trading off your organization’s prosperity. Begin Today!