How Much Does an 0330 Number Cost to Call on Vodafone?

0330 numbers are quite popular all over the UK due to their cheap and affordable calling rates. Mostly charitable bodies, customer service helplines, non-profit, or government organizations use such numbers by the brand cNumber.

The number is non-geographical in nature. This means that it is associated with landline numbers which are not fixed to any specific locations in the UK.

Those group partnerships or independent organizations take 0330-numbers who want to provide people with a convenient, cost-friendly and toll-free reachable number. The cost to call on a 0330 is quite standard all around the UK.

The charges cover the bare minimum like any other landline. Therefore, this makes it feasible for callers and encourages them to approach such organizations without any trouble. To know what 0330 number cost, Vodafone has dedicated packages for everyone.

Part 1: Are 0330 Numbers Free to Call on Vodafone?

0330 numbers, Vodafone are not free to call at, and charges are the same as for any respective landline number. Additionally, quite a large number of companies offer free minutes during specific hours of the day or days like weekends.

This is completely dependent upon the affiliated company or organization. In fact, when calling a 0330 number using a mobile phone, similar charges apply which are standard for all other landline numbers.

Mobile providers offer remarkable bundles on a monthly basis to their users which include free minutes. Also, you can consume these free calling minutes to call 0330 numbers just like any other landline number.

Part 2: What Are the Charges to Call 0330 Numbers on Vodafone?

Calling on 0330 numbers takes the same amount of call charges as every other local landline number. Vodafone tariff rates are variable and include access charges and per-minute charges altogether.

With Vodafone landline number to call a 0330 number, you will have to pay 11.5p per minute and 19p access charge. With Vodafone Pay as You Go plan to make your call to a 0330 number, the charges are different.

These amount to 30p per calling minute and an access charge of 30p as well.

Similarly, if you make your calls to a 0330-number using Vodafone Pay Monthly charges are different. It is the mobile monthly plan offered by EE, the access charge is 55p while the calling rate is 55p.

All the above-mentioned rates are not applicable to free minutes provided by the service provider or the organization using the 0330 number. 

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Part 3:  Is It Free to Call 0330 Numbers from Abroad on Vodafone?

Quite a few 0330 numbers easily accept calls that originate from outside the UK. Moreover, to initiate this call, the caller must use the UK’s country dialing code.

This code is +44 in place of the first zero in a 0330 number. So, the number to be dialed should look something like +44330-xxxxxxx.

If you are in a country outside the UK and they locally support a Vodafone network, calling at any 0330 number will cost you exactly the same as it would for a fixed network number as a national number does.

However, with Vodafone SIM on roaming services to make a call from outside the UK to a 0330-number, you will be charged differently. It probably would be a little expensive.

If you happen to use any other network service besides Vodafone to call at any 0330 number, calling charges are quite variable, depending on the rates set by the network provider.

Wrapping Up

We hope that you are now aware of the significance and costs of numbers starting with 0330 in the UK and how they are acting as non-geographical landline numbers.

The cost details of making a call to 0330 numbers are dependent upon the package plan and the source of calling – landline numbers or mobile phones.

Similarly, the costs of calling from abroad to 0330 numbers in the UK depend on the availability of your UK mobile network in that particular country.

Getting 0330 numbers for your companies, organizations, or businesses is quite convenient and feasible for everybody.

Above mentioned are all the 0330 numbers cost at Vodafone. It is recommended to get your hands on a 0330 number from cNumber as soon as possible and get started!