What Is the Cost of Calling 0345 Numbers on EE?

The UK’s telecom system has grown increasingly complex over the years. There are tons of phone number prefixes, telecom companies, plan offers, and what not.

0345 is one of the most common prefixes used by organizations. You are bound to have encountered them somewhere or the other. At the same time, EE is amongst the largest mobile companies in the country and the network provider of many people.

Since several questions are raised about the 0345 cost on EE, we’ve tackled this issue here. This article will also enhance your overall understanding of 0345 numbers and bust some common misconceptions. So jump in and clear all your doubts!

Part 1: How to know when you need 0345 Numbers?

Users of 0345 numbers: They are typically used by government institutions, banks, charitable organisations, hospitals, SMEs, etc. You would rarely see them being used by individuals.

Here are the latest regulations related to 0345 numbers. In July 2015, the country’s telecom regulator Ofcom (Office of Communications) had passed a famous regulation. This standardizes the charging mechanisms of all 03 prefix numbers.

It stipulated that all network operators should charge 0345 numbers in exactly the same manner as the local-rated 01 and 02 numbers. Earlier only landlines were doing this while call costs to 0345 numbers from mobile phones could go as high as 40 pence a minute.

Now mobile phone companies were also brought within the law’s ambit.

Aren’t 0345 numbers wonderful? Companies using them get to enjoy a national footprint at no call cost on them while consumers can also call these companies at local rates.

A win-win for both parties. This became one of the most remarkable selling features of this range. We saw many companies migrating from 0845 numbers to 0345 numbers.

Part 2: Is It Free to Call 0345 Numbers on EE?

Are 0345 numbers free on EE? People often have this misconception about the 0345 cost that they are totally and unconditionally free to call. However, it’s not always true.

EE offers inclusive minutes to its users on certain packages for calls on numbers with 01, 02, or 03 prefixes. If you have such a plan then 0345 numbers will be free for you.

This is so long as you have not exhausted your monthly minutes quota. Beyond this, you will incur some charge for sure.

All numbers beginning with 03, be it 0300, 0330, 0333, 0345, 0370, etc. are charged in the same manner by phone companies. EE is no exception here.

People feel that 0345 numbers are free because they do not incur any additional charge to call them while being within their plan limits.

That’s because they have already paid for this charge in the plan’s cost. 0345 numbers are different from freephone numbers like 0800 or 0808 that are absolutely free for all the UK callers.

Part 3: How Much Do 0345 Numbers Cost on EE?

EE gives the same treatment to 0345 cost as it gives to 01 and 02 number calls. This is in accordance with the Ofcom’s 2007 guidelines.

If you are enrolled in EE’s contract, the 0345 numbers are inclusive in your plan just like 01 and 02 numbers.

The cost to call these numbers will be derived from your contract’s per-month allowance. You won’t incur a penny to call them provided you have minutes left. If you overshoot your plan limits, you are charged at 50p a minute.

If you are using EE’s Pay as You Go, then also your package deal might include inclusive minutes. You can utilize them to make calls to 0345 numbers. Once you have exceeded your plan limits, you would typically incur 30 pence per minute.

0345 EE cost, beyond your plan’s minutes allowance, is again the same as for 01 or 02 numbers. Your calls will be billed second-wise. For example, if you talk for 3 minutes and 24 seconds, then you will be charged for these many seconds.

Unlike some other operators, EE will not round up your call duration to the nearest minute, so there is some respite. However, the minimum call billing length is one minute.

In general, all 0345 number charges, be it from a mobile or a landline, are a function of three factors:

a.) Your operator,

b.) Your plan, and,

c.) The time of the day/ week that you are calling

Below we have listed typical call charges from landlines and mobile phones for calls made within the UK. You should check your phone contract with the operator for exact details. In case you find that you are overcharged, you can raise the issue with Ofcom.

Part 4: Are 0345 Numbers Free to Call Outside of the UK on EE?

How much do 0345 numbers cost when you are calling from outside of the UK? Is 0345 free on EE for international callers?

In the above sections, we have clarified 0345 numbers cost EE for calls within the UK. It is fairly simple. As long as you haven’t used up your free minutes allowance, 0345 numbers are free to call and you need not think twice about dialing them.

However, the 0345 prefix is so common that you might easily come across situations when you have to call this number from abroad. Maybe you want to contact your bank, vote for a TV show competition.

You might want to inquire about some company’s product or service…. the possibilities are endless. It is natural to wonder about 0345 cost from abroad as international calls can be extremely expensive.

We understand your frustration. Call costs from international locations are dependent on too many factors and there is no simple yardstick to judge them by.

Let’s say that you have successfully dialed the number with its international calling code for the UK, that is 0044 345 xxxxxxx. Yet there is no guarantee that the call will always be successful. You might encounter two scenarios:

a.) Your call gets connected to the desired company, or,

b.) Your call gets blocked midway by the local phone operator

Even if the call gets connected, the charges are uncertain and would depend on your operator and the country that you are calling from. It generally won’t be free of cost and you won’t be able to utilize your standard minutes allowance quota.

If you wish to contact the organization and are unable to do so in other ways, we suggest that you research a bit on the companies’ website. Find out its equivalent national number. Most large organisations do list such numbers for their callers.

For example, most banks’ debit cards have an alternate number listed for international callers. You can dial up this number instead of the previous 0345 number.

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Wrapping Up

We hope you are now clear about the various aspects related to 0345 cost. Particularly the charges for 0345 numbers EE from within the UK and abroad.

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