How Much Do 0345 Numbers Cost to Call?

Came across 0345 numbers? Curious about how much calling them will cost you? Evaluating whether or not to buy them for your company? You’ll know all this and more within a few minutes.

In this article, cNumber has gone deep into the various intricacies of 0345 numbers. We’ve covered everything from 0345 number charges to applications and distinguishing factors. Read on and you’ll find everything you wish to know.

Part 1: Are 0345 Numbers Free to Call?

Are 0345 numbers free? Many people are confused about whether they’ll be charged when calling 0345 numbers and if yes, then how much?

0345 number charges are supervised by Ofcom. It has stipulated that phone companies should treat 0345 numbers identically to other 01 and 02 type numbers, irrespective of whether the call is coming from a mobile or a landline.

So, is 0345 free? Yes, it is, so long as you are within the limits of your inclusive minutes deal. If you are one of the many people using such free minutes plan, you need not bother about the bill for 0345 call cost provided you have minutes left.

Part 2: Cost to Call 03435 Numbers

0345 numbers won’t be free in case you have consumed your free minutes allowance, or you are enrolled in other chargeable plans. They are charged at local rates, which means the same rate as is applied on 01 or 02 number calls.

The exact cost of 345 numbers is dependent on which device you are calling from and which operator you are using. We’ll delve into them in the next section.

For now, remember that 0345 numbers cost is much more than usual if you are dialing from a payphone in the UK or from an international location.

2.1: Cost to Call 0345 Numbers from Landline

0345 numbers are chargeable from a landline in case you have no scheme applicable. Calls can cost you up to 9 pence for a minute’s duration.

Some landline companies have special plans that make calls to other landlines free, say during the weekend or evening hours. If that’s the scene then you may call 0345 numbers for free during such times.

2.2: Cost to Call 0345 Numbers from Mobile

When calling 0345 numbers from mobile, different operators charge differently according to your package details. Approximate rates are listed below for easy comparison.

Operator Call cost (p/minute) Operator Call cost (p/minute)
Wildlife 18 iCard 8
Virgin Mobile Simply 8 GT 3
Virgin Mobile 26 Giffgaff 10
T-Mobile 30 Freedomtalk 8
Tesco Lite 8 Econet 10
Tesco Mobile 25 DiDa 10
OVIVO 8 C Mobile 14
Lyca Mobile 15 Asda 8

As you can see, the range of charges vary significantly, from 3 pence to 55 pence. You should understand your phone plan in detail for various terms and conditions.

In the FAQ section, we have explained the 0345 number charges for some common operators in detail.

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Part 3: Find Out More about 0345 Numbers

0345 numbers were launched by Ofcom in 2007 as a substitute for the expensive 084 number range. They are typically used by businesses and not by individuals.

If you wish to understand what’s attracting companies into shifting from say a 0845 number to a 0345 number, you should check out the various features of 0345 numbers below:

  • Advantages from its Non-geographical nature: Companies need not be bound to any one region in the UK. No one can tell where the caller is located or the organisation is based at just by looking at the number.

Even if you are a small company, you get an enviable pan-UK image.

  • Cost advantage for the owner: Businesses love these numbers because it lets them offer an approachable and trustworthy image to their customers while not having to pay for incoming calls themselves (as in 0800 type freephone numbers).
  • Transparent and easy to understand charges for callers: 0345 charges are no more than that of any standard 01 or 02 prefix number. Many people in the UK use a landline or mobile tariff plans with free minutes. 0345 calls come free for them.
  • Portability: You can retain your number even when you relocate to a different location in the country.

There is another reason behind the upsurge in 0345 number usage. You see, in July 2015, Ofcom had passed a landmark regulation that prohibited companies from using service rate prefixes for post-sales customer service.

Many companies who were erstwhile using revenue-sharing 0845 numbers switched to 0345 numbers (just one digit needed to be changed).

Part 4: How to Get 0345 Number for Your Business?

Impressed with 0345 numbers? Want to buy one for your business?

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Part 5: FAQs

Q1: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on Vodafone?

How much do 0345 numbers cost on Vodafone? It depends on your specific plan:

  • Pay Monthly Customers: As long as you don’t exceed the inclusive minutes on your pack, you won’t incur any charge. The call cost will come out of those minutes.
  • Pay As You Go Customers: In this case there are three possibilities.

a.) Those who are not enrolled for either of Vodafone’s Big Value bundle or its inclusive minutes: Calls charged at 30p per minute.

b.) Those enrolled in inclusive minutes pack: Initially, 0345 numbers calls come out of your free minutes, beyond which you are charged.

c.) Those enrolled in the Big Value bundle: You will first use your bundled minutes for 0345 calls, then you incur a charge at 35p per minute.

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Q2: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on O2?

The cost of calling 0345 from mobile on an O2 network is equal to that of calling 01/ 02 numbers.

  • Sim-only or Contract Customers: 0345 cost is deducted from your inclusive minutes.
  • Pay As You Go Customers: 0345 calls are charged at 30 pence per minute.

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Q3: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on EE?

For EE consumers, calls to 0345 numbers are free if you are enrolled in its contract or are using its Pay as You Go plan. You will not incur any additional charge as you can utilize your free minutes to make the call.

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Q4: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on Three?

For those on Three’s network, 0345 cost from mobile is the same as that of 01/ 02 numbers. Calls will firstly consume your inclusive minutes, provided you have subscribed for them and haven’t exhausted them. Beyond this free limit, you are charged at 3 pence per minute.

Pay as You Go users on Three are also charged at 3 pence per minute.

Q5: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on BT?

Similar to other operators, BT also treats 0345 numbers at par with 01/ 02 numbers. If you have an inclusive minutes plan, then calls to 0345 numbers will consume your minutes pack but won’t cost you any extra money.

However, after consumption of or in the absence of any free allowance, you will be charged as follows:

  • BT Landline: Calls are charged at 12p per minute, along with a 21p base charge for connecting the call.
  • BT Mobile: Calls are charged at 35p per minute. The minimum charge is of one minute, irrespective of your actual call length.

Q6: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 0345 Number on Sky Talk?

0345 call charges on calls made from Sky Talk landline are listed below:

  • Pay As You Talk plan: The charging rate is 11.5 pence per minute. You will at least be charged for one minute.
  • Sky Talk Anytime Extra: No extra charge, everything is inclusive in the pack.
  • Evenings and Weekend Extra: From 0700 to 1900 hours, 0345 numbers are charged at 11.5 pence per minute. At other times it is free.

Wrapping Up

0345 numbers are becoming ubiquitous nowadays. You would see them being used by government institutions, banks, SMEs, hospitals, businesses, charities, and many other places.

In fact, many organisations are shifting from service-rate or freephone numbers to 0345 numbers.

In this article by cNumber, you got a thorough understanding of 0345 numbers- their features, uses, and charging details. Hope you found it useful. You can browse cNumber’s website for any other telecom sector queries.

If you wish to buy a number- 0345 prefix or any other, you are invited to check out cNumber’s affordable and feature-rich range.

We have put together several attractive packages after diligent research on businesses’ varying requirements. The purchase process is extremely simple and you’ll be ready to begin within a few minutes.