01223 Area Code

Living in Cambridge and thinking how will people connect to the area using the 01223 area code? Willing to know how the area codes work for the Cambridge region of the United Kingdom? Want to interact with a local Cambridge phone number from the UK?

So to get answers to all the questions related to the Cambridge code, follow this guide. The article consists of four parts, each with in-depth information on how, why, and where to dial the Cambridge code. 

Part 1: Where Is the 01223 Area Code?

Most of the numbers that begin with 01223 STD code are normal Cambridge landlines. But at times, people outside the region may also register to the 01223 area code. It is for all telecommunications in the geographic region in the East of England.

Some surrounding regions also have the same dialing code as that of Cambridge, the list of those areas is given below. 

  • Arrington
  • Bottisham
  • Cherry Hinton
  • Comberton
  • Fulbourn
  • Girton
  • Great Chesterford
  • Harston
  • Histon
  • Linton
  • Sawston
  • Teversham
  • Trumpington
  • Waterbeach
  • West Wratting

Initially, Cambridge is one of those regions which had two area codes. The area code 0223 was for ringing from outside of the Cambridge area. Another Cambridge calling code was 0220. This code was for accessing some far away telephone exchanges.

A landline number was eight or nine digits before 1980. After that, the telecommunication system was made simple. The local numbers were cut short to six-digits. The area code 0223 became the official area code.  

Later, on 16th April 1995, which is known as the phone day the use of the Cambridge telephone code became a compulsion. 

Part 2: Dialing 01223 Area Code in the UK

Individuals from all around the United Kingdom can get hold of Cambridge numbers within seconds. Getting in touch from Cambridge from the UK has a few steps to follow:

  • First dialing the 01223 area code
  • Then the Cambridge telephone or mobile phone number

A number consisting of 11 digits will be seen on the mobile screen, eg. 01223 XXX XXX. 

Part 3: Dialing 01223 Area Code from Abroad

Ringing up on a Cambridge from abroad has a different procedure of dialing. Along with the 01223 area code, the international access code of the country the call is being made from and the country code of the UK is needed. 

To ring on a Cambridge number: 

  • First of all, dial the international access code of the country that will be 00 or (+). 
  • In the second place, dial the country code of the UK, which is 44. 
  • Thirdly add the 01223 area code without 0.
  • The final step is to dial the six-digit Cambridge phone number.

The number will be like 0044 1223 XXX XXX. Once done, you can connect with any person in Cambridge using the Cambridge area code.

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling 01223 Numbers?

The cost of connecting to the 01223 area code is what worries most callers. Well, calls to the Cambridge area have different dialing rates depending upon the device the caller is using. 

To explain, the rates of ringing from a landline will be less as compared to a cell phone. Interacting from landline-to-landline using the 01223 area code will cost the caller 10p-12p/ minute whereas from mobile-to-mobile will charge up to 40p/ minute. 


Hoping that the article was clear and now it won’t be an issue to make national and international calls to someone in Cambridge using the 01223 area code. 

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