01733 Area Code

Did you receive a call from a number starting 01733? You must be wondering what this number is and where it is coming from. 

The 01733 area code is used by the residents or businesses to build a proper communication channel. Businesses use this number to build a strong local presence. 

So, if your business is based in Peterborough, using the 01733 phone code will help you to make your regional marketing game strong. So, let’s learn more about this area code to get a clear picture. 

Part 1: Where Is 01733 Area Code?

The 01733 number is an area code used for the telecom services of Peterborough. And, this geographical dialing code is followed by 6 digits of local phone numbers. 

Even more, the 01733 dialing code is used in the intersecting regions like Cambridgeshire, Derbyshire, and Lincolnshire in the East Midlands and East of England of the UK. 

The following areas also use this code: 

    • Knarr Cross
    • Newborough
    • Castor
    • Thorney
    • Whittlesey
    • Turves
    • Crowland
    • Westwood
    • Eye
  • Glinton
  • Werrington
  • Mereside
  • Ortons
  • Yaxley

Moreover, the dialing code of Peterborough was 0733 and later modified to 1733. During the PhONEday event in 1995, the new four-digit area code came into the picture.

But, the digit ‘1’ added to produce new phone numbers for the increasing demand of the new subscribers. With this code, they were able to cater to the supply of numbers in Peterborough. 

Part 2: Dialling 01733 Area Code within the UK

When you call from outside of the Peterborough code, it is crucial to dial the 01733 telephone area code. The area code configuration of Leicester is 01733 XXX XXX. 

But, if you want to call someone on Peterborough’s phone code from the local area landline number, you don’t need to use code 01733. Just dial the local phone number of the person you are to XXX XXXX. 

Moreover, though Peterborough codes are usually used as landline numbers, this might not be the case with all the business. The companies are willing to invest in this number even if they are present outside of Peterborough to establish their local reputation

Part 3: Dialling 01733 Area Code Outside of the UK

If you wish to connect someone in Peterborough over a call from outside of the UK, some changes in the usual number will work. Here are a few steps to follow:

  • First, dial the international dial-in code of the country you are calling from (typically 00, 011, or +)
  • Then, enter the United Kingdom country code (44)
  • Now, skip the trunk number, zero and dial the remaining Peterborough area code (1733)
  • Lastly, enter the phone number of the person/business you are calling to 
  • Your correct number format will become 00 44 1733 XXX XXX. 

Part 4: How Much Do 01733 Numbers Cost to Call?

If you call to area code 01733, the call charges will be similar to other local area landline connections of the UK. But, different factors like telecommunication companies, call packages, and call timings also affect the fixed cost of your call.

So, contact your network provider to know the charges. Besides, if you are a landline user, the approximate charges you need to pay is about 10p per minute.

However, for mobile users, the charges are between 10p and 40p per minute. As factors like call duration, call package, time of calling, and more are the factors affecting the cost of calling. 


Now that you have understood the basics of Peterborough’s dialing code, it will be easy to decide whether to invest in the std code 01733 or not. It is a good method for businesses to promote their products and services regionally and gain customers’ trust. 

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