01905 Area Code

Are you wondering who called you from a 01905 number? Does the person or business actually locate in a particular city? How can I call a 01905 number?

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In this article, you will learn complete details related to the 01905 area code. Follow up!

Part 1: Where Is the 01905 Area Code?

The 01905 area code belongs to Worcester, a cathedral city in Worcestershire, England. The population of Worcester is around 100,000. The Severn River flanks the city center’s western side, overlooking Worcester Cathedral.

Remember, it is not necessary that the caller of a 01905 number is actually present in the city. Sometimes, it’s a business that is trying to remotely get local customers using virtual phone numbers.

Besides Worcester, the nearby areas of Worcester are served by the same area code ‘0195’. These nearby areas include:

  • Droitwich Spa
  • Fernhill Heath
  • Hallow
  • Himbleton
  • Kempsey
  • Ombersley
  • Peopleton
  • Powick
  • St John’s
  • St Peter’s
  • Severn Stoke
  • Spetchley
  • Upton Snodsbury

Initially, the area codes of cities in the UK had mnemonic codes. This code was formed using the two initials from the name of the particular city. In the case of Worcester, the mnemonic dialing code was WO5.

Needless to mention that ‘W’ and ‘O’ are taken from Worcester. These letters correspond to 9 and 0 on the old rotary phones. Hence, the numeral code was 0905. 

After PhONE Day in 1995, an extra 1 was included in all area codes. This incident updated Worcester’s area code to 01905.

Part 2: Dialling 01905 Area Code in the UK

It’s pretty easy to dial numbers inside Worcester while you call from the same city. Simply pick up the phone and dial the local number of six digits i.e. XXXX-XXX.

In contrast to local calls, area code is required when a national call is dialed. This means that while dialing a Worcester number from any other city within the UK, area code is essential.

Therefore, when dialing a regional call to Worcester you must add area code before the subscriber number. So, your dialed number will be 01905 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialling 01905 Area Code from Abroad 

Using international access and country code, you can reach a Worcester number from abroad. These codes give you access to and route your calls within a particular country to the respective city.

Here is how you can dial a 01905 area code from abroad:

  • First, dial the international access code i.e. ‘+’ or ’00’.  
  • Then, enter the country code for UK i.e ’44’. 
  • Now, add area code while dropping the initial zero i.e. 1905.
  • Finally, enter the desired number i.e. XXX XXX.

Your dialed number would look like ‘+44 1905 XXX XXX’ or ‘00 44 1905 XXX XXX’.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 01905 Number 

The cost of calling a 01905 is the same as every other regional number in the UK. It varies with the phone type, call timings, and the service providers.

It is cheaper when you call a Worcester number from a landline phone. The average call cost on a busy weekday would be around 10 – 12 p per minute. The call cost drops down to 5 – 10 p per minute when you are calling during off-peak times.

Furthermore, you can sometimes get free inclusive minutes or promotional deals when provided by the service providers.

Likewise, telecom service providers provide different discounts by offering affordable prices to attract more customers. Generally, the mobile call to Worcester’s landline number will cost around 30-50 p per minute.


The area code 01905 encompasses the city of Worcester and its surrounding suburbs. The dialing format for Worcester’s phone number ‘01905 XXX XXX’.

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