0203 Area Code

Do you often think that it is very difficult to dial a number based on area code, then this article will help you, by explaining all you need to know about these area codes, in simple words.

Area codes are certain premium numbers that are managed and provided access by Ofcom. These numbers are generally used by business organizations or companies for business purposes.

0203 area code is also one such premium number. This number has its own history and is used worldwide to connect with people easily.

Part 1: Where Is 0203 Area Code?

0203 is an area code of London, which is a very popular code used for business purposes. Moreover, this 203 follows a general format since 1995, which was granted on PhONE day, an event running in the UK at those times. The format is, for example, 020 3XXX-XXXX.

Originally, the local area code of London was 01. On the PhONE day, the local format of 01XX code of London was changed and replaced by a 7-digit number for inner London and 8-digit number for outer London.

The London telephone code was changed as the demand for the number was much more than the supply. Hence, Ofcom changed the code to meet the supply demands of London phone numbers.

The change in local code and operation of 203 area code led to increasing sales and more demand for technical gadgets using these phone numbers worldwide. 

Part 2: Dialling 0203 Area Code In the UK

The London area code 020 can be used to connect users all over London. Many banks use this number for external communication.

However, dialling the area code is not compulsory for London based users, and they can directly dial by using the eight digits local phone number. For calling any number from the UK to London the users can dial in this format: e.g. 020 3XXX XXXX. 

 Part 3: Dialling 0203 Area Code From Abroad

The 0203 area code is an area code by which the users can connect to any place in the world. They can also dial the number from abroad to London easily by following these steps:

Step 1: By dialling the international access code, i.e. 00 or 011

Step 2: By putting the country code of the UK, i.e. 44

Step 3: By dialling the local area code of London 0203 without the first zero. (i.e. 203)

Step 4: At last, by entering the remaining local phone number

The dialling format will look like: 00 44 203 XXX XXXX. These steps are easy to access and follow to dial to London from anywhere in the world.

 Part 4: The Cost of Calling an 0203 Number

For a business organisation, people working from home for London and foreign-based companies,  these numbers are extremely helpful to create an impression. Many people buy these numbers and use them for their business. 

These are premium numbers, which have local or national rates. Generally, the cost of calling the 0203 premium number from a landline number is 13p -16p per minute. Some companies also charge as high as 23p – 25p per minute. 

However, the cost of dialling from a mobile phone number is between 3p – 65p per minute and may charge as high as 75p per minute.

The calls cost varies from area to area, and even it is toll-free for some areas. Additionally, the 0203 area code number is managed by Ofcom and per-call charges are also determined and handled by them. 


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