01902 Area Code

Where is the 01902 area code? Can I use a 01902 number from my city? If I dial an area code 01902, what charges will I incur?

Be easy! This article covers all relevant details regarding the geographic area code ‘01902’ for Wolverhampton.

Part 1: Where Is the 01902 Area Code?

The area code 01902 serves Wolverhampton and the nearby areas. Wolverhampton is an administrative hub and metropolitan city in the West Midlands, England. 

Interestingly, the city takes its name from Lady Wulfruna, who founded the city in 985AD. The name ‘Wolverhampton’ is derived from ‘City on the Hill of Wulfruna’. Hence, the residents of this city are known as ‘Wulfrunian’ colloquially.

Historically, Wolverhampton specialized in woolen trade. With the industrial revolution, different industries began to flourish including coal mining, steel production, lock making, and manufacture of automobiles.

Besides Wolverhampton, 01902 dialing code covers the following areas:

  • Albrighton 
  • Albrighton
  • Bilston
  • Brewood
  • Codsall
  • Fallings Park
  • Finchfield
  • Fordhouses
  • Horseley Fields
  • Pattingham
  • Penn
  • Sedgley
  • Standeford
  • Tettenhall
  • Willenhall
  • Wombourne

Originally, Wolverhampton had a three-digit area code ‘0907’. Afterward, it was changed to another three-digit area code ‘0902’. The historic mnemonic code for 0902 was WO2 where the letters ‘W’ and ‘O’ are taken from ‘Wolverhampton’. 

Finally, the area code of Wolverhampton changed in 1995 to include the extra ‘1’ on the PhONE Day. The purpose of this modification was to provide more local numbers. This event updated the area code to ‘01902’.

Part 2: Dialing 01902 Area Code in the UK

Many international businesses planning to establish their set up in Wolverhampton opt for virtual phone numbers. The virtual numbers enable businesses to connect with local customers easily. However, your dialing method remains the same whether it is a virtual number or the regular landline number.

In the basic scenario, the local calls in Wolverhampton can be made without dialing the area code. Simply enter the 6-digit subscriber number i.e. XXX XXX.

On the other hand, if you are trying to reach from any other city of the UK, area code is needed. Dial the 01902 area code before the local phone number. Your dialed number would look like ‘01902 XXX XXX’.

Part 3: Dialling 01902 Area Code from Abroad

You can use the international dialing format to dial the 01902 area code from abroad. Here is how to call a Wolverhampton number from outside the UK:

  1. Start by dialing the international access code i.e. ‘00’ or ‘+’.
  2. Dial 44 as the country code of the UK.
  3. Enter the area code but skip the first zero i.e. 1902.
  4. Now, enter the local number. 
  5. Your dialed number would look like ‘00 44 1902 XXX XXX’ or ‘+44 1902 XXX XXX’.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling a 01902 Number

Generally, people are inclined towards using the different packages offered by landline and mobile companies. These packages include free calling minutes and special call rates at a certain time of the day.

The cost of calling the 01902 number is consistent with the standard price range of the other area codes of the United Kingdom.

As a result, 10-12 pence per minute is charged when calling from a landline phone during the day, while the rate is reduced to 5-10 pence per minute in the evening or on weekends.

On the contrary, the cost of calling a 01902 number from the mobile phone is higher as compared to a call from the landline. Typically, there are free inclusive call minutes for calling 01902 numbers.

However, if you are calling without the package, the call charges between 3 – 50 pence per minute.  


Wolverhampton and its surrounding areas have 01902 area code. You can call on a 01902 number both locally and internationally by following easy steps.

In case of opening your local business in Wolverhampton, consider purchasing an area code 01902 virtual telephone number. cNumber offers a virtual phone number at affordable rates without any compromise on the quality of service.