01722 Area Code

Whether it is a national or international business, the current marketing trend will suggest you target your customer regionally to expand your reach. So, to start your regional marketing, how about owning a local number of particular areas. 

If you wish to spread your business awareness in Salisbury, buy a 01722 area code connection and you are all set in terms of communication with local customers. 

To clear all your queries, this article will provide you an in-depth understanding of what exactly is this number. 

Part 1: Where Is 01722 Area Code?

The 4 digits geographical code (1722) is used in Salisbury for telecom purposes. The whole phone number consists of the area code followed by the 6 digits phone number. 

Furthermore, the Salisbury area code is located in the Wiltshire region in the South West of the UK. This code is also used in the following suburbs of Salisbury: 

  • Alderbury
  • Stapleford
  • Broad Chalke
  • Fovant
  • Middle Woodford
  • Wilton
  • Coombe Bissett
  • Teffont
  • Farley

Originally, the Salisbury postcode was formed of 3 digit: 722. But, when mobile phones and internet dial-ups started increasing, the demand for new subscribers augmented rapidly.

Looking at the shortage of numbers, Ofcom designed a new area code to tackle the problem. Hence, during the PhONEday event in 1995, many area codes including 01722 were provided the new pattern by infusing the number 1 unto the former area codes. 

As a result, the area code of Salisbury became 01722. With this, the supply of new numbers was increased to meet the demand. 

Part 2: Dialling 01722 Area Code within the UK

When calling someone in Salisbury within the local area code, you don’t need to use the area code. Simply, use the 6 digits local number XXX XXX. 

As mentioned above, the 01722 telephone code is used mostly in Salisbury and its surrounding areas. But, many businesses operate these numbers from outside of these areas. They do so to establish their local presence in Salisbury. 

However, you necessarily need to add the area code 01722 while calling from outside of the local area. Thus, first dial the 01722 area code and then the usual number of the person/business. The correct format to write the telephone number is 01722 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialling 01722 Area Code Outside of the UK

If you will call someone in Salisbury from outside of the UK, you need to modify the actual number and make it an international dial-in code. Firstly, dial the international prefix which is different for different countries. 

For instance, the US and Canada use 011, Australia uses 00111 and 00 is used by Europe. Now, replace the zero with the UK code +44 which is followed by the Salisbury area code. The format will result in 00 44 1722 XXX XXX. 

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01722 Number?

If you call any Salisbury mobile or landline number, you will be charged similar to local area codes of the UK like 01 and 02. When you look at the average cost, the landline network charges up to 10p per minute while the mobile calls are charged between 10p and 40p per minute.

However, you can reduce the cost by using free inclusive minutes or a bundle pack. Whenever you will call at 01722 std code, no additional charges will be applied but the free minutes will be deducted. 


The above information will help you to decide whether to buy this area code or not. For businesses, this is a great way to promote their product and services in Salisbury. This is budget-friendly and builds trust and closeness among local customers. 

Moreover, if you decide to buy 01722 area code at affordable rates with rich-functionality, contact cNumber. The customer executive can also help you resolve any queries related to 01722 or other area codes of the UK.