What Are 0800 Numbers?

In older times, when consumers used to call 0800 numbers, one thing they would certainly receive i.e. racking larger bills than expected.

Now, with the changing time, Ofcom reviewed the telecommunications regulator and declared 0800 numbers to be free from both landlines and consumer mobiles across the UK.

This free phone of 0800 numbers regulation was implemented on July 1st, 2015. Here, the system works in the manner that the caller pays nothing to call but the organization receiving the call pays the cost.

So this makes all 0800 numbers free for mobile, landlines and also public payphones. However, the cost can be notably larger for the organization receiving the call.

Part 1: Who Use 0800 Numbers?

The 0800 numbers are a powerful tool to get customer attention towards your business as customers know that they won’t need to pay anything to call.

So, to gain this advantage any organizations, businesses, companies, or individuals can use 0800 numbers. But, the most common ones are:

  • Customer service providers of any business
  • Sales service providers of any business
  • The UK government services

Now that you know which companies are using these numbers, let’s put some highlights on why they are doing so.

Part 2: What Are the 0800 Numbers Used for?

There are several reasons why small and large organizations are using 0800 numbers. Here are some of them:

The major benefit of having one of these numbers is that the volume of calls received by the organization increases significantly as compared to the local area code.

The public knows that they can call 0800 numbers for free so they don’t feel hesitant before making a call for an inquiry. However, it is important to note that the free service is available for people calling across the UK.

Organizations owing 0800 numbers can portray themselves more as a national entity and any local code will not be needed. Also, they will have a competitive advantage over the business who does not have an 0800 number.

Businesses can also gather statistics of all the incoming calls which can help to develop effective advertising campaigns for potential customers.

Moreover, you can add a ‘freephone’ service factor as your USP in your advertising or promotions. Furthermore, without any hassle, you can easily transfer to an 0800 number from your already existing number.

We have mostly covered everything about the 0800 numbers. Perhaps, many questions are arising in your mind.

So, here are a few questions which I get a lot from both organizations and customers.

Part 3: FAQs

  1. Can Phone 0800 Numbers From Abroad?

You can certainly call 0800 numbers from outside the UK. However, the calls will not be considered into ‘freephone’ calls. You will be charged as per the international rates, depending on where the call is being placed.

Moreover, you will need to add the country code preceding these numbers while calling from abroad.

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  1.  How to Set Up an 0800 Number?

To purchase a 0800 number, simply contact a network provider. This transaction will involve a purchase fee, or monthly fee, or both. You can transfer your existing number to this number or get a new one.

  1.  Should I Answer an 0800 Number?

The fact that the company is paying for the call removes the changes in using these numbers for scamming. The ‘cost per minute’ thing makes this number the safest option so yes, you should answer the calls from 0800 numbers.

  1. Are 0800 Numbers Free to Call?

Yes. All the 0800 numbers are free to call for the customers. This applies to both landline and mobile networks. However, the organization receiving the call needs to pay for the call charges.

  1. How Much Does It Cost to Call 0800 Numbers?

People are still confused regarding the cost of 0800 numbers. This is evident from the number of online searches for the cost of 0800 numbers. From EE, Vodafone, O2, Virgin Mobile, Tesco to BT, all the networks provide 0800 as a freephone number.

Whether you are calling from your mobile or landline, you don’t need to pay anything to call these numbers. It’s the organization receiving the call that pays the call charges.

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Wrapping Up

This article helped you to learn almost everything about 0800 numbers. Now whenever you call these numbers or receive a call from them, you might have an idea what it is for.

But, if you still have a query or doubt regarding 0800 number or any other numbers then you can contact cNumber. Their friendly and dedicated team will help you in choosing the perfect plan for 0800 numbers at a comparative price.