How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers?

From 13th June 2014, the Consumer Rights Directive law has changed. Under the changes of this law, if customers call helplines for support or complaint registration then these calls will no longer be charged more than the basic rate call charge.

So do you think the cost to call 0845 is free? Let’s check it out.

Part 1: Are 0845 Numbers Free to Call?

No. 0845 is not associated with any specific geographical location. Furthermore, 0845 is known for service number free cost allowance does not apply to it. Do you want an 0845 number with call free allowance?

It may be possible if you activate “TollFreeForwarding” then it will not cost you a single penny.

Now you must be curious to know what are the basic costs of 0845 numbers.


Part 2: Cost to Call 0845 Numbers

Here you can find the basic access cost and service cost from calling landline to mobile to 0845 numbers.

0845 Landline Access Cost 0845 Mobile Access Cost 0845 Service Cost For Both (Landline & Mobile)
8-60p per minute 45-65p per minute 7p per cal

As you know every service provider will charge differently on calling 0845 numbers.

The reason is simple for their different charges.

As the 0845 is used by public sectors and business service providers, their call plans are referred to as their calling origin and geographic plan.

Here are a few 0845 service providers and their cost to call plans is available.

Providers Access Charges Service Charges
EE mobile 50p to 57p per minute 7p per call
Three mobile 45p to 52p per minute 7p per call
Tesco Mobile 25p to 32p per minute 7p per call
O2 mobile 55p to 62p per minute 7p per call
Vodafone mobile 55p to 62p per minute 7p per call
iD Mobile 45p to 52p per minute 7p per call
GiffGaff 25p to 32p per minute 7p per call
ASDA Mobile 8p to 15p per minute 7p per call
SkyTalk 6.63p per minute 7p per call
BT 0p to13p per minute 7p per call

You can choose the preferable company for 0845 number amongst all listed above.

There are many more companies that offer the same services with basic to Pay-As-You-Go packages. Choose your provider wisely as per your number usage.

The 0845 numbers cost depends on its usage purpose. You can find that almost all companies offer 0845 number services in two categories:

1. Basic Service:

In basic service, you don’t need to pay daily service charges. This service will charge you on your received calls.

However, this scenario will depend on the chosen number. As some ranges, numbers will cost you free or some of them may generate revenue for you.

2. Advanced Services:

In advance services, your daily service costs are attached to your primary number service. Additionally, you can connect more than one number to the primary number with no extra charges.

Now let’s move to know the 0845 number’s basic cost structure.

There are 2 parts in which 0845 number costs are divided.

  1. Access cost: Whenever you make a call, access charges will be applicable per minute.
  2. Service cost: All the service providers will apply the costs of their service per call.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see the article represents 0845 number costs. Many of us think the prefix of 084x is free of charge but they are not. 0845 is listed into service numbers, so a user must have to pay the basic call charges.

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