How Much Does It Cost to Call 0300 Numbers on EE?

If you are looking to buy a new number then you must have to look into 0300 numbers on EE.

Do you know why?

Though 0300 are new in the industry, they are used as standard non-geographic numbers. The 0300 numbers are typically used by non-profit making organizations, the public sector, and governments.

And the cost to call 0300 numbers is the same as 01 and 02 numbers. So the inclusive allowance of 03 numbers is applied based on calls done by mobile, landline or payphone in the UK.

First of all, let’s put light on the most exciting question “Are 0300 numbers free on ee mobile?”

Part 1: Are 0300 Numbers Free to Call on EE?

No. 0300 numbers are not free on EE mobile. The 0300 numbers call charges have been applied by the standard rate set of network providers.

However, if your EE monthly tariff or Pay As You Go deal has left any free minutes then it makes the call essentially free. There is no monetary cost applied until your free minutes expire.

Now, ready to discuss 0300 numbers cost on EE. But before discussing EE bundles, you must be aware that calling 0300 numbers from EE will cost you in two different ways.

Access Charges and Service Charges. The access charges are the amount charged by the organization and service charges are the amount charged by the service providing company.

Let’s focus on EE costs for 0300 numbers.

Part 2: What Is the Cost to Call 0300 Numbers on EE?

Calls on 0300 numbers from any EE phones in the UK are charged a per-minute rate with a connection charge set by EE. However, EE has set up different rates for its landline, mobile, and monthly customers.

  • 0300 Numbers Cost For Landline Customers Of EE

EE has set the same charges for all 03 prefixes. So, calling from 0300, 0344, and 0345 have charged at the same rate. In simple words, those who have a landline connection of EE have to pay 20p per minute plus 12.5p per minute service cost.

However, if you have a free weekly calls plan of EE then it’s the most overwhelming plan for those who want to talk for hours without any extra pay. This plan applies to what day and time you choose to dial a 0300 number from EE.

  • 0300 Numbers Cost For Mobile Customers Of EE

Mobile customers have 2 choices to grab a plan for 0300: Monthly Plan & Pay As You Go Plan.

Let’s discuss briefly.

  • Monthly Plan: This pay Monthly plan of EE includes free minutes to call 0300 numbers of phone charities. However, if you exceed the free call minutes then you will have to pay 50p per minute. So keep your eyes on your regular usage.
  • Pay As You Go Plan: EE Pay As You Go plan charges 30p per minute with an additional 44p per call as a connection fee. Yet, you will have a choice to get the  “Talk & Text”  or “Everything” pack from the Pay As You Go plan. These plans also offer a few free minutes to call 0300 helplines.

So, here is the full breakdown of 0300 numbers cost on EE mobile:

0300 numbers EE Pay As You Go 30p per minute 44p per minute Free
0300 numbers EE Pay Monthly 50p per minute 50p per minute Free
0300 numbers Landline 12.5p per minute 20p per minute Free

Moreover, there are two more packages offered by EE for 0300.

EE Broadband and Phone customers 11p per minute
EE Small Business Customers       46p per minute (excl. VAT)


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Wrapping Up

In this article, you come across the various packages for 0300 numbers’ call to cost from EE mobile. In final words, 0300 is not free to call from EE but you can get free minutes with purchasing FREE INCLUSIVE MINUTES plan for EE.

If you are still looking for a variety of plans by other 0300 service providers then you can visit cNumber. The company offers a flexible charge table for 0300 numbers.

Even more, they always stay available to help you in purchasing a perfect plan as per your usage.