What Are 0121 Numbers? (2020 Updated)

Are you interested in knowing the details about the 0121 numbers? Are you looking for areas of the UK which the area code 0121 is associated with? Or do you want to get a 0121 number for your business to set up in a specific area?

You will get all this information in this article. Also, you can grab a 0121 cNumber for your business as soon as you want.

Part 1: All You Need to Know About 0121 Numbers

Being a geographic number and an area code, 0121 numbers are associated with a specific location in the UK. This is the second-biggest city of the UK, Birmingham. In fact, the 0121 area code also covers the neighboring areas of Birmingham city.

Ofcom introduced the 0121 numbers and allocated them in every 0121 UK location. However, these numbers are being hosted in the cloud instead of being pointed directly at a British Telephone line (BT).

The 0121 numbers fall in the category of the normal landline numbers. Therefore they have charges similar to the other normal landline numbers which are standard rates. This means that anyone calling these numbers is well aware of what a 0121 number costs.

The low call rates associated with the 0121 numbers work well for both the customers as well as the organizations. 

The reason being, customers know beforehand what their calling cost is likely to be, which is lower than other expensive numbers. The organizations, on the other hand, get sufficient customer interaction.

These 0121 numbers carry a specific format to be represented in which makes these numbers memorable. This pattern goes like 0121 *** ****. 

Initially, the area code 0121 was recognized as 021 and the group of seven digits started with 2 or 6 for central Birmingham while 3 for a north side like 021 3** ****.

Part 2: Is 0121 an Area Code?

Yes, the number 0121 is a geographic number associated with the Birmingham city. This means that it is an area code for the said city and its neighboring suburbs, districts, and towns. Some of the areas holding 0121 area code include:

Acocks Green Rectory Ashfield Oldbury
Aston Cross Kings Norton Beacon Hillside
Bearwood Highbury Birchfield Harborne
Birmingham Halesowen Blackheath Great Barr
Calthorpe Four Oaks Castle Bromwich Fordbridge
Druids Heath Erdington Edgbaston Rowley Regis
Elmdon Rubery Woodgate Selly Oak
West Bromwich Sheldon Wednesbury Shirley
Tipton Smallbrook Sutton Coldfield Smethwick
Streetly Solihull Stonecross Stechford and Springfield

The area code 0121 was allotted to the Birmingham city and its surroundings on 16th April 1995. Before that, the area code used for Birmingham was 021.

The phone numbers were organized according to a specific pattern, where the central area of Birmingham had the 7 digit phone number start with 2 or 6, eastern side with 7, south with 4, north with 3 and western side with 5 like 021 5** ****.

It is important to note that an area code serves to be the indicator of a specific area.

However, it is also possible that someone holds a virtual area code while not being in that area. This means that you may receive a call with 0121 area code while the call is from outside of Birmingham.

It is suggested to be certain about a call before answering it.

If you want to get an area code but are not sure if 0121 is applicable to your area, don’t worry. 

Reach out to cNumber to get information about what area code suits your area. cNumber does not only provide you information but also enables you to get a 0121 number of your own.

Part 3: Are 0121 Numbers Free to Call?

No, the 0121 numbers are not free to call. However, typically you get the lowest call charges for the 0121 numbers except for those of free-phone numbers.

Moreover, if you have free minutes in your contract or from a tariff, you can call 0121 numbers free of charge.

Typically, the 0121 numbers cost an access fee. This is added to a per-minute rate for the call that the respective network providers offer. These rates vary from company to company but all remain within the standard range.

There is also a call setup fee which the network providers charge, this fee also differs from provider to provider.

The typical charges for calling 0121 area code include:

    • 10p to 12p per minute when called from landline during peak hours in the day time.
  • 5p to 10p per minute when called from landline during off-peak hours in the evening or at weekends.
  • 30p to 50p per minute when called from a mobile.

The table presented next lists down the call charges imposed on the 0121 numbers from some famous network providers. Note that these charges are for the monthly calling plan these providers offer and exclude free minutes.

Provider Call charges
EE 50p per minute added to the 50p access charge
O2 35p per minute added to the 35p access charge
Vodafone 1.10 pounds for the first minute and then 55p per minute thereafter


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Part 4: What Are the Benefits of Using 0121 Numbers?

The benefits of using the 0121 numbers include:

  • The standard calling rates for 0121 numbers prove to be suitable for a vast number of customers. These are generally the lowest one can get. Also, the users can make use of free minutes included in their contracts.
  • The 0121 numbers represent Birmingham city and its suburbs. Birmingham holds to be the second largest city of the UK, growing business here means an extensive marketplace.
  • The 0121 numbers allow organizations to handle multiple calls at once so that no customer returns unanswered.
  • The 0121 numbers are easily memorable owing to the pattern. This improves the advertisement for an organization.
  • You can set up your business in Birmingham and control it virtually while not being in Birmingham.
  • Landline numbers like 0121, when included in a business advertisement, improve its professional look.

Part 5: What Types of Organizations and Companies Use 0121 Numbers?

Organizations and companies having their setup in Birmingham city and its neighboring districts and towns prefer using 0121 numbers. The affordable standard call charges are what makes these numbers the most favorable.

On one hand, individuals or organizations located in the regions of Birmingham mainly use these numbers. On the other hand, some businesses may use this area code while they actually operate from somewhere else.

Part 6: Why Choose a 0121 Number for Your Business?

The numbers 0121 hold many good reasons to be preferred for a business number. A few of these reasons are mentioned next.

The 0121 numbers are charged just the same as the standard charges. This makes a large number of customers comfortable to call a business in case of a query, complaint, or feedback. 

With high call charges numbers, a business fails to attract much customer interaction. Good pricing for the calls encourages the customers to reach out to the businesses. This helps them clear any doubts, or have the business representatives solve their problem for them. 

This improves the performance of the business upon receiving feedback, on the other hand, it also improves the customer-organization relationships.

The 0121 numbers allow organizations to handle multiple calls at one time. This results in maximum customers being answered when they reach out. The caller never hears an engaged tone, and no important call is missed.

The ability of 0121 numbers to be memorized easily increases the effectiveness of business advertisements since customers can memorize them. This results in a better Public Relations of the organization.

Statistics prove that the businesses having a landline number as their primary contact number seems to be more trustworthy. They have more customers approach them, and are more professional in their look.

With a specific area code for your business you can expand your market at a local people level. This means that with 0121 numbers, you can attract locals of Birmingham looking for local services in the area.

This eventually results in a more expanded market network. Also, by using the area code of Birmingham, you can grow your business in Birmingham and control it, while not being there yourself.

A company can also track their advertisement and marketing campaign by tracking all the calls received at the 0121 numbers.

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Wrapping Up

Having known about the 0121 numbers and their associated costs, and the benefits you can get out these numbers if used for yourself, you can get your own 0121 number at cNumber if you decide to get one.

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