How Much Does It Cost to Call 0871 Numbers on Vodafone?

The 0871 numbers are telephone codes of the UK and are followed by seven-digit numbers after them. They are service numbers charged at special rates.

But, how expensive are they? One question I get a lot from the users is how much does it cost to call 0871 numbers on the Vodafone network. So, moving further let’s talk about this as Vodafone is one of the most used networks in the UK.

Part 1: Are 0871 Numbers Free to call on Vodafone?

The 0871 numbers are not free to call. Moreover, they don’t even include in your mobile phone packages of Vodafone. This means dialing 0871 numbers will not consume minutes from your monthly deal instead you need to pay for the call separately.

However, Vodafone will charge you with both the service charge and the actual cost per minute until the call lasts.

If not free, then what exactly do 0871 numbers cost on Vodafone network?

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0871 Numbers on Vodafone

As mentioned above, any free calls offered by your network provider will not be included to call these numbers. So, you will need to have a prepaid Vodafone balance or the cost can also count in your postpaid bill.

Vodafone will charge as per the time the call lasts and an additional fee, which depends on the organization you are calling on, on top of this.

To get more clarity about the rates, refer to the below-given table:


Vodafone Charges for 0871 Numbers Minimum Cost Incurred
For landline users 24p/m
For monthly paying customers 68/m
For pay-as-you-go customers 58p/m

Part 3: Common Use of 0871 Numbers

These special charges are higher than your usual calls because it includes surcharges or service charges for the service provided to you. Another specialty of these numbers is that they are not linked with any specific geographic location.

So, whether you are calling 0871 numbers from Vodafone, Virgin Mobile, or EE, it won’t be possible for you to know the location of the number.

Moreover, the income generated through these numbers goes to the telephone company or the organization. By keeping this in mind, let’s come down to some of the common uses of 0871 numbers:

To have support lines which can provide chargeable information

  • For conference call services
  • For dating, adult entertainment, and chat services
  • For pre-sales information connections
  • To book tickets for events and travel
  • For tarot, horoscopes, and fortune-telling

These uses will also give you an idea of when and why you will need to call 0871 numbers. As I mentioned above, you need to be cautious and think twice before calling these numbers as these are some of the most expensive numbers to call in the UK.

Wrapping Up

All numbers starting with 087 have similar technical features and functions. As Vodafone is one of the largest UK’s mobile operators, it is helpful to know about its charges.

Moreover, knowing about the charges also helps you to keep a check on your expected bill which in turn will help you with your budget management.

If you still have any doubts regarding 0871 costs on Vodafone or any other network, feel free to contact cNumber. They have a dedicated team to help you 24/7 with any of your UK’s number related queries. You can also buy the best affordable 0871 numbers and their package deals.