How Much Does It Cost to Call 0871 Numbers?

There is a lot of confusion among people regarding 0871 numbers. Some of the most asked questions: is it safe to pick these numbers? What are the rates to call 0871 numbers from mobile networks like O2, Virgin Mobile, or EE? Should we call from mobile or landline?

Well, this article provides all of your answers. Let’s first understand what these 0871 numbers are and who uses them.

So, now that you have a basic idea about 871 numbers, let’s move forward to an understanding of their cost structure.

Part 1: Are 0871 Numbers Free?

Wondering, are 0871 numbers free? No. In fact, they are a very expensive set of numbers. So, unless somebody else is paying for your mobile bills or it is very urgent to call these numbers, you will want to avoid calling them.

Let’s move to another important question. What does 0871 cost you if you make them a call?

Part 2: Cost to Call 0871 Numbers from Mobile

Forget about 0871 numbers for free, when you cannot even use your free minutes or bundle minutes deal to call these numbers. If you are using a monthly payment deal, you will be charged differently on different mobile networks.

Provider Charge
O2 28p/m
Vodafone 20p/m
Three 30p/m
T-Mobile 35p/m
Virgin Mobile 41p/m
 EE 41p/m

If you are a pay-as-you-go users, the costs are

Provider Cost
O2 31p/m
Three 35p/m
T-Mobile 40p/m
GiffGaff 40p/m
Orange 41p/m
Virgin 41p/m
Vodafone 41p/m


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Part 3: Cost to Call 0871 Numbers from Landline

On the other hand, the cost of 0871 numbers from a landline varies with the timeline of the day. Moreover, no landline network provider provides a free minute’s allowance which includes calling 0871 numbers for free.

The cost of a landline in the UK depends on the network provider and the time of the day.

Let’s talk about morning costs:

For instance, during day time, you pay 9p/m-16p/m for BT Unlimited weekend, 10p/m-16p/m on TalkTalk Essentials, 8p/m-20p/m on Post Office Home Phone, 9p/m-21p/m on Sky Talk Weekends, 10p/m-21p/m on Plusnet Weekends.

On the other hand, in the evening costs are:

10p/m-16p/m on TalkTalk Essentials costs, 10p/m-21p/m on Plusnet Weekends, 9p/m-21p/m on Sky Talk Weekends, 9p/m-16p/m on BT Unlimited weekend costs, and 8p/m-20p/m on Post Office Home Phone. Weekend charges are the same as the evening ones across all networks.

Keep in mind that when you call from a landline, most of the 0871 numbers will charge a one-time connection fee of approximately 15p regardless of your call minutes.

Wrapping Up

Calling 0871 numbers can cost you up to 41p/m which is one of the highest phone number rates in the UK. Moreover, mobile phones charge higher than landlines. Hence, choose your network accordingly.

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