How Much Does It Cost to Call 0370 Numbers on EE?

0370 numbers are special landline rate phone numbers. They are mostly used by businesses, government organizations, and the public sector. They are also used by many charitable organizations.

Unlike traditional landline phone numbers, 0370 numbers are non-geographical numbers. This means that they are not linked with specific geographic locations.

EE being one of the well-known network providers in the UK, the most generic question that arises is, ‘how much does it cost for 0370 numbers EE call?’ Let us read further to find out what does 0370 cost for calls from the EE network?

Part 1: Are 0370 Numbers Free to call on EE?

A call to 0370 numbers is not free for any network providers, not even EE. They are not premium numbers either. The number 0370 cost EE is the same as a standard home or business landline.

The call rates for 0370 numbers are treated the same as the geographic 01/02 numbers from landlines and mobile.

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0370 Numbers on EE

We already discussed that 0370 numbers cost EE and they are not free. Calls made by customers to 0370 numbers are charged at a standard local rate, irrespective of which EE tariff plan you are using.

But there is a catch; if you got inclusive minutes included in your EE monthly tariff, you can use these to pay the 0370 numbers cost for calling with it. In such a scenario, you won’t need to pay the standard rates.

The 0370 numbers are best for customers, as they are inclusive of the free minutes. This is important as the inclusive free minutes per month offered by EE are not compatible with higher-rate 0870 numbers.

Part 3: Buying Your 0370 Number For Your Business

We have discussed the query that, “are 0370 numbers free on EE?” After finding out the 0370 numbers EE cost, now you must want to know how you can get one for you.

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Wrapping Up

You know the call charges related to 0370 numbers from an EE account. We also discussed 0370 free on EE and how to get 0370 numbers for your business.

As the charges for 0370 are lower than the premium numbers, it is a great idea to get those for your business.