How Much Does It Cost to Call 0808 Numbers?

Prior to digging into how much calling a number beginning with 0808 cost, lets walkthrough what are 0808 numbers? 0808 numbers are national non-geographic service numbers.

These numbers are used by customers to call customer services, sales numbers, and in some cases charitable organizations. Various businesses are increasingly using 0808 numbers for their organizations now.

As various customer service numbers have different costs let’s find out how much calling 0808 numbers cost? To find out more information on this, keep on reading further.

Part 1: Are 0808 Numbers Free to Call?

0808 are not traditional landline numbers and are geographically independent i.e. they are not linked to any particular locality around the UK.

Thus, 0808 numbers are freephone numbers. By free, we mean that the 0808 cost is not charged by the callers. It is non-chargeable; either you call from a landline or mobile.

Part 2: Cost of Calling 0808 Numbers

We already discussed that 0808 numbers don’t levy any charges to the callers. Then who pays the charges for it? 0808 numbers cost is borne by the firms receiving the call. Hence, the 0808 call cost is free for everyone who calls.

With the cost of 0808 numbers not being charged from the customer, companies reflect how much concern they have in the best interest of the customers.

There are some exceptional cases wherein a 0808 number might be chargeable. If you are calling from a hotel or some other place like this, there might be a chance that they might add up some surcharge on the call.

Part 3: Users of 0808 Numbers

We have found out the answer to the much recurrent question, “are 0808 numbers free?” Let us find out who are the chief users having the 0808 numbers?

Since 0808 numbers cost is made free for calling, consumers are more comfortable and inclined to approach the business. This makes it ideal for small and medium based businesses to elaborate on their services and business at the same time.

As 0808 is a free phone number, most of them don’t require special usage permission. It can be used by any type of business or establishment.

However, below is a list of some of the assigned 0808 numbers to help you in identifying the owners of certain 0808 numbers:

  • 08080 numbers – Assigned to the numbers transferred from the outmoded 0321 prefixes, after the year 2000.
  • 080809 numbers- Assigned to dial-up internet services which are mainly back-up systems now. These are no longer in actual use, with the modern broadband technologies taking over.
  • 080880 numbers – As 0808 number cost is non-chargeable, it is also assigned to charities and counseling helplines. These are managed by the Helplines Partnership.

Part 4: How to Get 0808 Numbers Online?

If you are looking for a 0808 number for your business, you can without difficulty get one from cNumber. cNumber is a convenient platform to get the best virtual phone number for your business.

What benefits are provided by cNumber?

cNumber offers you 0808 numbers at a comparatively reduced rate from any other virtual phone number provider.

You can choose your own 0808 numbers from a set of phone numbers provided to you straight through your web browser.

What additional features do I get?

With call management features you also get an assurance of getting more call traffic and prompt call response. You can provide your customers one of these numbers.

As 0808 call cost will not be levied by them, there will be more traffic. All of this is a key factor behind customer satisfaction.

How many 0808 numbers can I buy?

Kindly contact cNumbers for detailed instructions on this.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know the cost of 0808 numbers. You can also easily get your own 0808 numbers.

If you are looking to upsurge the reach of your business, you must try out getting a freephone number that involves no cost to customers. To get the best deals, contact cNumbers!