How Much Does It Cost to Call 0845 Numbers on Vodafone?

Before moving to “are 0845 numbers free on Vodafone”, let’s focus on the cost structure of Vodafone for 0845 numbers.

The cost is split into 2 parts:

Access Charges: This charges will be applicable per minute for making the call

Service Charges: The service provider company will set this price per call.

Now, you must be wondering about Vodafone’s 0845 charges norms.

Let’s see.

Part1: Are 0845 Numbers Free to Call on Vodafone?

As we have discussed earlier, the Ofcom and the Payment Services Regulation 2017, 0845 is not coming under the free call cost category.

However, 0845 is the hotline number which is most likely to be used for, Calls to shortcodes (like voting on TV shows) and Charge to Bill transactions (such as charity donations, video purchases, or Spotify subscriptions).

So it is not considered free to call. Additionally, on this number Vodafone has set the monthly spending limit of £240.

Now, let’s begin to discuss the basic 0845 numbers call costs set by Vodafone.

Company Mobile Access Charges Landline Access Charges Service Charges on Call
Vodafone 55p per minute 11p per minute 7p Per Minute

Part 2: Minimum 0845 call charges on Vodafone

0845 has different tariff plans available which show the minimum costs are set for 0845 numbers by Vodafone.

Here you can find the rock-bottom Vodafone costs for 0845 numbers:

Vodafone tariff type Minimum cost call for 0845
Vodafone landline 18p per minute
Monthly mobile contract 62p per minute
Pay as you go 52p per minute

I know it’s an attractive package. But there is one more option which will overwhelm you.

Yes. The Saving Package of Vodafone calls.

Vodafone is offering SAVING PACKAGE for regular call users of 0845:

Now, 0845 users can get 300 minutes to call any numbers in just £2.50 a month. You just need to text NONGEO on 97886 to get this monthly Add on. Simple to proceed, happy to get the process. Right!

Additionally, Vodafone allows its users to roam like a pro with Business Roaming and Global Roaming charges options.

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Part 3: Where Can You Get 0845 Numbers for Your Business?

Various companies are offering 0845 services. Nevertheless, there is one more company that offers cost-effective 0845 services.

Yes, you can choose the cNumbers for your 0845 business number service. The company offers genuine 0845 bundles for monthly, Pay-as-you-go, and international calling packages. With 24*7 customer support, cNumber also offers a business freedom plan.

Make a wise choice. To get 0845 number services from cNumber visit our 0845 service page now.

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Wrapping Up

To sum up, Vodafone 0845 number calls are not free. Vodafone 0845 charges start with 44p to 62p per minute. You can see the detailed Vodafone 0845 charges discussed in this article.

Yet, if you are looking for a cost-friendly and professional 0845 number service then choose cNumber on your list.  For more latest updates on 0845 charges stay connected with cNumber.