01228 Area Code

Do you want to know about the 01228 area code? Are you interested in knowing the area this code is associated with and what are the calling-costs for this number?

Moreover, if you want to know how to dial these numbers from within the UK and from abroad, then keep reading. You can grab a 01228 area code from cNumber for yourself as soon as you wish.

Part 1: Where Is 01228 Area Code?

01228 is an area code that represents Carlisle. The numbers with prefixes 01/02 in the UK are the geographic numbers that are representative of a specific physical location. In addition to Carlisle, 01228 area code is also used for other locations including:

Burgh-by-Sands  Dalston (Cumbria)  Hayton (Cumbria)
Kirklinton  Longtown (Cumbria) Nicholforest
Rockcliffe (Cumbria) Scotby Wetheral


This area code came into existence during the PhONEday happening in 1995 by changing the then-existing Carlisle area code. The changes included the addition of number 1 to the previous code.

Moreover, the Carlisle area-code also forms the part of the codes ranging from 01200 to 01998.

These area codes are known to have 4 figures, where the trunk prefix 0 is never included while counting the number of area codes. However, it remains essential to dial this 0 when making a call. Whereas, the local numbers entered after this code are 5-6 digits based.

Carlisle local numbers have 6-digit figures, which when included to 4-digit area code becomes the 10-digit number. Like said before, this 10-digit count remains theoretical while practically one dial 11-digit with the inclusion of trunk-0.

The correct format to write the telephone number for the Carlisle area code is as (01228) XXX XXX. The historic mnemonic code for this area code was used, which was, CA8.

The characters CA were taken from the name Carlisle, which was dialed on the then used rotary telephones by dialing the numbers 2, 2, and 8.

Part 2: Dialing 01228 Area Code within the UK

The most important thing to remember regarding the area code for Carlisle is its trunk digit 0. When calling from within the UK, the procedure is very simple and consists of 2 steps.

  1. Dial the area code for Carlisle with the trunk digit 0 as 01228.
  2. After this, dial the local 6-digit number. For example, 01228 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialing 01228 Area Code from Abroad

Making a call from abroad to the Carlisle area of the UK is a little more detailed process than calling from within the UK. It requires the caller to take some additional steps as follow:

  1. The first step for calling from abroad includes dialing the international access code. This code varies from country to country. For instance, for the United-States and Canada this code is 011, while for Europe it is 00, and 0011 for Australia.
  2. After dialing the international code, the caller enters the country code for the UK which is (44).
  3. The next step includes dialing the local area code 01228 for Carlisle. However, do not forget to drop the first zero this type when dialing.
  4. Lastly, the local 6-digit phone number is entered.

For someone calling from Canada, dial-up looks like 011 44 1228 XXX XXX.

Part 4: The Cost of Calling a 01228 Number

All the geographic numbers of the UK, starting from 01 and 02, are generally charged at the local rate numbers. However, there remains a slight difference in the calling costs when using a landline or a mobile phone.

The calling rates offered by different network providers differ but the generalized range remains the same. Calling the 01228 number from landline generally charges between 2p to 10p per minute. However, calling from mobile phones ranges from 10p to 40p per minute.

There are additional-charges for these calls including a set-up fee that the network-providers often charge when calling from the landline. Some providers offer different calling plans which include free calling hours on certain days of the week.

Similarly, some providers allow various call packages for monthly, weekly, and daily basis. It is always a good idea to do your research before availing services from one.


The 01228 area code for Carlisle has some specific protocols for dialing these numbers. Moreover, there are different calling rates for different providers. Knowing about the details, you can get a 01228 area code from cNumber, if you wish to, very conveniently.

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