01273 Area Code

Brighton is said to be a popular commuter region for London professionals. It is located 50 miles from London. So, businesses thrive there in the blink of your eye. 

To meet the increasing demand of the calling number in this region, the 01273 Brighton code was introduced. Covering a wide range of areas near Brighton, 01273 dial code has become a popular pick for many. 

Why should you opt for these numbers for your business? 

Whether you are calling from your landline or mobile, these numbers treat you no differently. Let’s learn more about this Brighton postcode

Part 1: Where Is the 01273 Area Code? 

The 01273 area code is a geographically bound 4 digit dialing code used in telecommunications for Brighton. The local telephone numbers of 01273 within the region are 6 digits numbers.

The 01273 Brighton area code is used in Brighton and the following surrounding area: 

  • Hurstpierpoint
  • Barcombe
  • Ringmer
  • Brighton
  • Hove
  • Glynde
  • Lewes
  • Hassocks
  • Henfield
  • Portslade
  • Peacehaven
  • Telscombe
  • Shoreham-by-Sea
  • Newhaven
  • Southwick
  • Plumpton
  • Rottingdean
  • Poynings

Moreover, in 2005, the area code of Brighton was changed to 01273. Before the changes, the number was just 1273. In 2014, the trick regulations were applied on dialing the whole code to connect the call. 

Whether you want to call inside or outside the local area, without these your call won’t be connected. This was an indication that more numbers could be introduced to the area code. 

Part 2: Dialing 01273 Area Code in the UK

The Brighton dialing code works with the intersecting counties of East Sussex and West Sussex in the South East area of the UK. It is important to use the dialing code while calling from your landline or mobile network outside of Brighton. 

For calling anywhere within the UK, you simply need to add the area code 01273 and then the usual number. So, the number will look like: 01273 xxx xxx. 

However, if you are calling from a local landline number within the same area code, you don’t need to use the 01273 area code. Keep in mind that, you might receive a call from these area codes without any physical link to the area. 

Part 3: Dialing 01273 Area Code from Abroad

If you want to contact someone from Brighton over the phone from outside of the UK, you need to follow a simple process. You need to modify the 01273 area code. 

Firstly, remove the initial zero of 01273 area code and use the remaining 1273. This zero shall be replaced with the UK dialing code from abroad which is +44. Now, your dialing code will become an international area code for Brighton: +441273. 

So, to book a venue from abroad you need to dial +441273 xxx xxx to contact you from overseas. 

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01273 Number? 

If you are calling a Brighton telephone code, it will cost you similar to the cost of calling other local 01 and 02 area code numbers. 

Moreover, your bundle packs or any free inclusive minutes on your tariff will also be included in these Brighton dialing codes. This means you can phone the person for free with no additional monetary charge using these bundle packs. 

After your pack gets exhausted, you need to pay a per-minute fee to your provider alongside a set access charge as per your contract. 

If you are calling from your landlines, you will be charged between 2p and 10p per minute, and from your mobile networks, it is between 10p and 40p per minute.


It has become crucial to call with 01273 area code to connect your call. These numbers are a helpful tool to promote your business and service in Brighton and its surrounding area. So that your customers know where and how to contact your employee. 

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