01452 Area Code

If your business is not in Gloucester but you are willing to establish a local presence there then using the 01452 area code may bring new opportunities for your business. This is a geographic-specific number, which makes the receiver think that the call is from their area only. 

However, many businesses don’t have any physical location in the area. And yet, they can operate their business from the outside of Gloucester. Sounds interesting? 

Let’s dig into more facts about the 01452 area code: 

Part 1: Where Is the 01452 Area Code?

This 4 digits geographical dialing code is based in the Gloucester area for telecommunications purposes and the local telephone number consists of 6 log digits. 

Moreover, the 01452 phone code has located in the county of Gloucestershire in the South West area of the UK. It covers Gloucestershire and the following surrounding area: 

  • Churchdown
  • Gloucester
  • Westbury-on-Severn
  • Hartpury
  • Hardwicke
  • Staunton Court
  • Longhope
  • Tirley
  • Bisley
  • Tibberton
  • Painswick
  • Twigworth
  • Minsterworth
  • Barnwood
  • Witcombe
  • Saul

Figure 1 in the 01452 code introduced to resolve the confusion of similar prefixes being used by other non-geographic numbers and also to increase the supply of the phone numbers in Gloucester. 

This area underwent modifications to its area many times. The digit 1 added before the original area code of 452 and the code 01452 came into work. 

Part 2: Dialing 01452 Area Code from the UK

The 01452 telephone code used for both home and office use. However, to contact these numbers from outside the Gloucester the caller needs to dial Gloucester’s phone code, like 01452 before the usual number. This will result in the format of 01452 xxx xxx. 

The mindful businesses still use these geographical numbers without actually having any physical presence in that area. This intimates that they have a virtual presence in Gloucester or any of the above-mentioned regions. 

This way the business can target and communicate with the local people easily. 

Part 3: Dialing 01452 Area Code from Abroad

Yes, you can certainly call the Gloucester area code from abroad but you need to change the standard dialing number. Simply replace the zero with the international dial-in code of +44 for the UK.

This will result in +44 1452 followed by the usual number of the person you are calling. The format will be: 44 1452 xxx xxx. Moreover, in the US, Australia, and Europe, you need to add the international prefix before the country and area code. 

For instance, the international prefix of the US is 011, and then the country code 44 followed by the area code. Your number will look like 011 44 1452 xxx xxx

Part 4: What Is the Cost of Calling an 01452 Number?

The 01452 area code of the UK is a geographic phone number. While calling these numbers, you charged as per the usual local dialing numbers of the UK. 

So, how much exactly does this UK phone code cost? 

For landline users, the call cost is between 2p and 10p per minute. However, the cost depends on the time of the day and network provider. On the other hand, if you are calling from your mobile connection, it will cost you between 10p and 40p per minute. 

Moreover, remember that an extra set-up fee charged for landline connections. You can also make calls for free through your bundle pack or any free mobile minutes. 


I hope this article helped you to learn everything about the 01452 dialing code. So, now when you receive or call on this area code, you know where your call will land. This regional number is a trustworthy and credible source to contact someone in Gloucester. 

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