01494 Area Code

Where is the 01494 area code? How do I call a 01494 number from overseas? Is it free to call a 01494 number? What call charges I might incur?

Read this guide, if you are looking for answers to these questions!

Part 1: Where Is the 01494 Area Code? 

01494 is a regional dialing code for Buckinghamshire’s largest town ‘High Wycombe‘ and its surrounding areas. The local telephone numbers are six digits long. Apart from High Wycombe, the dialing code 01494 applies to the following areas:

  • Amersham
  • Beaconsfield
  • Bledlow Ridge
  • Chalfont St Giles
  • Chesham
  • Cholesbury
  • Great Missenden
  • Hampden Row
  • High Wycombe
  • Holmer Green
  • Naphill
  • Penn
  • Radnage
  • The Lee
  • Lane End
  • Little Chalfont

History of 01494 Area Code

In April 1995, Ofcom became in charge of restructuring the telephone network in the UK. The aim of this transition was to provide endless sequencing for all new users who would be joining the grid in the future. 

This brought a change to all area codes in the UK by inserting a digit ‘1’. Moreover, it introduced the use of primary indicators which give hint to the callers about the estimated call charges.

Previously, the historic mnemonic code was HW4 where H is taken from High and W in the Wycombe. However, the new implementation updated High Wycombe’s area code from 0494 to 01494.

Part 2: Dialling 01494 Area Code within the UK

An area code is not required when you use a landline phone to dial a local call to High Wycombe. Only dial the six-digit number i.e. XXX XXX and your call will be connected.

On the contrary, national calls dialed from the landline phones require area code before the phone number itself. The same is the case for cell phone calls. Your dialed number would appear to be 01494 XXX XXX.

Part 3: Dialling 01494 Area Code Outside of the UK

Dialing a 01494 area code outside of the UK uses a simple method. This method is applicable for all 01 and 02 phone numbers of the UK.

Firstly, insert the international dial-in code for the UK i.e. ‘+44’. Then, drop the initial ‘0’ from the area code and the digits ‘1494’ are left. Now, you can enter the six-digit subscriber number of the destined person or business. 

Thus, the format of dialing a High Wycombe number XXX XXX from overseas would be ‘+44 1494 XXX XXX’. Another alternative is to replace ‘+’ with ‘00’ which makes the dialed number look like ‘00 44 1494 XXX XXX’. 

Part 4: How Do 01494 Numbers Cost to Call? 

The cost to call a 01494 number is the same as it is for dialing any other 01 local number in the UK. There is a standard call-access fee and a variable per-minute fee. The charges vary as per the peak time, off-peak time, weekdays, and weekends.

Typically, the charges for local landline calls fall within the following price range:

  • Peak time on Weekdays: 10 – 12 p per minute when calling from a landline.
  • Off-peak time on Weekdays: 5 -10 p per minute when you call in the off-peak time, such as evenings, on weekdays. 
  • Weekends: 5 – 10 p per minute for local landline calls on weekends.

Nonetheless, the applicable charges vary when you are calling from a mobile phone. It depends on several factors including the service provider, subscribed call package, and free inclusive minutes. Generally, 30 – 50 p per minute is charged for mobile calls.


In this article, you have learned that the 01494 area code belongs to High Wycombe and its surrounding areas.

Furthermore, you have seen the correct formats for dialing a 01494 number from within and outside the UK. In the end, the costs to call a High Wycombe number are briefly mentioned.

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