02476 Area Code

Who is calling from the 02476 code? Can someone connect to the area without using the Coventry dialing code? What will be the rates of reaching out to a Coventry local number? How will individuals from inside and outside Coventry dial the 02476 area code?

These and other questions cross a person’s mind after knowing that dialing the code is a necessity for interacting with someone in the Coventry region.

This article brings answers to all the questions related to the 02476 area code.

Part 1: Where Is the 02476 Area Code?

The 02476 area code is used to place calls to the Coventry region of England

Keep in mind that the 02476 area code does not necessarily come from Coventry. Some nearby locations also have registrations on the above-mentioned code. These areas are geographically close to Coventry hence having the same area code. 

Few of those regions with the same code as that of Coventry are:            

  • Allesley
  • Bedworth
  • Binley
  • Chapel End
  • Cheylesmore
  • Earlsdon
  • Exhall
  • Foleshill
  • Greyfriars
  • Highway
  • Keresley
  • Nuneaton
  • Radford
  • Tile Hill
  • Toll Bar
  • Walsgrave-on-Sowe
  • Wolston

The Coventry dialing code came into existence as a result of changes that came in April 1995. The UK telephone network made it a compulsion to add the code before Coventry’s phone numbers. 

Resultantly, people of the location began to register on contact numbers stating with the 02476 area code. To date, more than 1,000,000 numbers are registered on the Coventry phone code. 

Part 2: Dialing 02476 Area Code in the UK

The general format to call upon any phone number from the Coventry region is dialing the 4-digit code first and then the local number of the area. The dialed number on the phone screen should look something like (02476)-XXX XXX.

Bear in mind that ringing from a Coventry number to a Coventry number will not require the usage of the 02476 area code. 

But, if someone wants to reach the region from any other region of the United Kingdom, they will need to dial the Coventry area code. It will be done in the same manner as that of the general format.  

So pick up the phone and give a ring to someone in Coventry right now. 

Part 3: Dialing 02476 Area Code from Oversea

Dropping a line to people in the 02476 area has some additional steps from outside the United Kingdom. For connecting from any other country using the 02476 area code, follow the guide step-by-step:

  1. For reaching out to people in Coventry from any other country firstly dial +/00.
  2. As the phone number belongs to the UK, type 44, which is a specific code of the country.
  3. Then dial the 02476 area code without the zero, followed by Coventry’s local number. 

+44 2476 XXX XXX is how the right number for an international call will look like. 

Part 4: The Cost of Calling a 02476 Number

The charge of buzzing on a 02476 number is a frequently asked question. So first of all the rates of 02476 area code calls depend upon certain factors. 

The first factor to take care of is whether the call is made from a mobile phone or landline. The next factor is the time at which the call is placed. The third factor is the call packages provided by the mobile operator.

The average rate of speaking to someone using the 02476 area code is 10p-15p per minute for landline and 10p-50p per minute for mobile.


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