01793 Area Code

Ever thought why we need to dial the 01793 area code to give a call to Swindonians? Ever tried calling to Swindon without adding 01793 in the beginning? 

Well, a Swindon contact number without the initial code will never allow in reaching this specific region of England from outside the area. 

How to make calls from this region, the UK and abroad is clearly explained with steps in this article. Read the in-depth article on the 01793 area code for complete information of this area code. 

Part 1: Where Is 01793 Area Code?

The code 01793 is for the Swindon and nearby areas of the United Kingdom. Undoubtedly, connecting to a Swindonian number is not a problem by typing the geographical 01793 dialing code. 

People living around Swindon can also own a number beginning with 01793. So the other areas which have the 01793 area code are as follows:

  • Blunsdon
  • Broad Hinton
  • Chiseldon
  • Cricklade
  • Highworth
  • Purton
  • Royal Wootton Bassett
  • Shrivenham
  • Stratton St Margaret
  • Toothill
  • Wanborough
  • Wroughton

Previously, connecting with Swindonians was similar but with a simpler area code that was 0793. Later on, after adding one in the beginning, the area code became 01793. From then people of the region began using the 01793 STD code to dial to this area of England.

Part 2: Dialing 01793 Area Code in the UK

For interacting with a Swindonian outside of this area,  adding the 01793 area code before calling is a must. Simple steps that one needs to follow to make a call to Swindon from within the UK are:

  • Dial the 01793 area code first
  • Dial the six-digit Swindon mobile number

An eleven-digit number will appear on the screen. The number will be something like 01793 XXX XXX. Now you can place a call using the mobile number to connect to those in Swindon from the UK.

Part 3: Dialing 01793 Area Code Outside of the UK

Some find dialing to Swindon from overseas hard. It is as simple as dialing to a Swindon from inside England. All one needs to know is the correct number and the 01793 area code.

Follow these easy steps to make a call to someone in Swindon from abroad:

  • The first step is to dial the international access code of the country one is calling from.
  • The next step is to dial the country code of the United Kingdom which is 44.
  • Then dial the 01793 area code without the first 0.
  • Now dial the six-digit phone number of the person.

The number will be something like 00 44 1793 XXX XXX

Part 4: How Much Does It Cost to Call an 01793 Number?

As you know the way to dial the  01793 area code, knowing about the costs of the calls is equally important. The price of calling on 01793 numbers is less. Therefore, people can easily make calls to Swindon in fewer costs depending upon the devices. 

For example, if someone calls from a landline number, the charges are 10p-12p per minute during the day. Whereas, the calls to 01793 area code in the evening are 5p-10p per minute. On the other hand, mobile phone calls to Swindon cost 30p-50p per minute. 

While these are the average cost of calls to Swindon, the cost may differ from operator to operator.


Now dialing to the 01793 area is not a problem. The guide above has all the necessary steps to make a call to Swindon.

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